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Ankit Rathore is a musician from Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. Having graduated from IIT Bombay in 2015 and then, taking up a job as a physics entrance exam coach in an institute, his professional path seems strangely at odds with his passion. Ankit enjoys playing the harmonica and has been playing it for more than 6 years. He discovered this instrument by accident, but fell in love with it instantly. Most people couldn't understand his interest in the harmonica and would often advise him to pick another, more popular instrument. But, his interest in the harmonica never wayned. His quest for honing his skills led him to Mr. Dinesh Sharma and then, Mr. Harish Verma, a maestro of harmonica, to master various playing techniques. After moving to Bombay, he received training from Mr. Amrit Kapoor, guitarist of Agnya band. His run-in with Floyd Fernandes sparked his interest in jazz and blues music and since then, he has become an avid fan of this genre. It also opened his eyes to a new, improvisational style of playing, which involves going on stage and playing whatever rhythms seems right instead of performing a pre-prepared piece. He calls this 'music of the moment.'

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Audience Feedback

“I reached Vashi station tired and worn out from the days work, to see a crowd formed around a man, went to investigate, and I saw a man performing a song which sounded like Sufi music to me. His voice echoed through the granite corridors of the station and the merry strums of his guitar filled the air with melancholy. I stood there hearing his song about finding God in ones own belief, reminded me of Kabir ke Dohe which i had read when i was a kid.”

“Refreshing to see Pratyul Joshi perform at Churchgate station yesterday evening. Kudos to NSPA for such a bold endeavour!”

“This is such a good activity and very helpful concept for society. Keep it up.”

“Love it !! Great finding some fresh music in the city. Maybe have it in a more open spot in the station so even more people can enjoy it ”


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QTube Cafe, Moray House, S V Road, Bandra (w), Mumbai 400050
+91 022 2640 1645
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