October 21st, 2014

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“Do I really get to take my flute home?!”

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

“An Introduction to Flutes”, a workshop conducted by NSPA resident artists and flutists Rachel Philip and Nikhil Honkalas, took place in the beloved MCubed Library for children, in Bandra. The workshop took place on the evening of Oct 18, and 15 young eager children were in attendance. They were each handed red and blue ribbon-ed side flutes, and spent the next hour experiencing a variety of emotions – confusion at the lack of any flute-like sound produced despite continuous attempts, frustration at not being able to cover the instrument’s holes with their tiny finger tips, despair at the breathlessness, and finally joy at getting their lips puckered up perfectly and producing a clear note! Shubham, a young underprivileged boy, was the first person to get the note “Sa”, and gnomish Jason, sarcastic Shae (at age 11!), excitable Simone, and calm Serena followed suit! By the time we moved on to the 7 notes or the sargams​, time was up – and the kids were sent home with instructions to keep practicing, and a promise that we’d return soon!
Flute Workshop