5 Weird Coffees from Around the World

When it comes to coffee, we all have our favorites. While some of us prefer an unadulterated shot of espresso, others gravitate towards options that infuse heavenly additions like hazelnut and vanilla syrup. But, compared to the varieties available around the world, neither of these options is that shocking. Want to be truly shocked? Here are 5 bizarre coffee preparations from around the world.

BBC Good Food


Image courtesy: BBC Good Food

Egg-cellent Coffee

Vietnamese egg coffee is prepared by whipping together egg yolk and condensed milk. It is beaten till it forms a thick, creamy blend. Black Vietnamese coffee is added to this mixture and allowed to sink to the bottom before serving. The result isn’t awful at all, for the beverage tastes like coffee-flavored custard!

So Cheesy!

Kaffeost is a Swedish tradition that involves dipping cheese into coffee or drinking coffee that has cheese dunked in it. The cheese is called Leipäjuusto and is made from the milk of cows, goats and reindeer.

Sizzling Coffee

Kopi Joss is the name of this Indonesian creation that is served in a rather strange way. The coffee is brewed and served just like any other coffee, but after pouring the brew into the cup, a chunk of red-hot charcoal is thrown in! Apparently, the charcoal helps neutralize the acidity of coffee.

Another kind of Bubbly

A food scientist at Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon, has found a new way to make coffee creamier. What does he do you ask? Well, he infuses Nitrogen gas into coffee! The gas is usually pumped into cold brews to give it a richer ‘mouthfeel’.

So Lemony

Espresso Romano is a coffee that is served with a fresh lemon peel. Or you could also try Guillermo, which is coffee with lime infused in it. Both these preparations are highly acidic, so one needs to be careful while sampling these.

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