Amitav Ghosh: Voicing the Unvoiced

If you’re a person who believes in equality and deplore the way the underprivileged are treated in our society, Amitav Ghosh’s novels will earn a special place in your heart. A man who championed the voice of the subaltern, he dedicated novel after novel to exploring the lives of the marginalized, the one’s denied of a voice. His discerning plots explore their hardships, their dreams and disappointments and more importantly, their stories of success and defeat. As an Indian writer, his novels also highlight events that hold an important place in our nation’s history and this makes his stories relatable and interesting. Through these events, and the lives of his carefully drawn characters, he explores themes of alienation, migration, displacement and revolution. A writer who enjoyed experimenting with the novel, his novels reveal unconventional narrative techniques, making them a treat for those interested in studying the art of narration. He is also famous for obliterating borders in his stories and pointing out the intangible, but deeply ingrained divides that cause us to look at another human being as the ‘other.’ So, if you’re looking for a well-written work that challenges your mind while also giving you the feels, we suggest you pick up an Amitav Ghosh book as soon as you can. Shadow Lines, The Sea of Poppies, The Circle of Reason and The Hungry Tide are among his most famous works.

The writer celebrated his 60th birthday this week, on the 11th of July. As a tribute to his wit and wisdom, here’s highlighting some of the finest lines from his work.

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