Blast from the Past – Top Videos from Our Archives

October 24th, 2015

It’s the day of late brunches and heavy lunches, movie marathons and Daily Show laughathons. It’s the day we love the most – Saturday. After much thought and deliberation, we’ve realized that Saturday is a better loved day than Sunday, and that’s because Saturdays signal the beginning of the weekend, while the lesser-loved Sunday reminds us of its end. So, let’s follow the advice of poets like Andrew Marvell, Robert Herrick or the more popular Robin Williams (No, he’s not a poet. He’s an actor) and remember to ‘Carpe Diem’ or ‘seize the day!’

In simpler terms, let’s make the most of this gorgeous day and kick-start our weekend with a bang! Here, we lay on a platter (or page) four wonderful videos to give you something interesting to watch over the weekend. Yes, we urge you to wrench your sights away from the ludicrous stuff you’re bombarded with on T.V., like the definitely scripted ‘Reality Shows’ and the well, Comedy shows (sarcastic snigger) and invest time in watching something genuine and worthwhile.

Let’s start with this old is gold video we dug up from our archives – It has our artists Shruti Vishwanath and Rohit Astekar performing at the scenic Carter Road. While Shruti never fails to mesmerize us with her impressive vocal range, Rohit always delights us with his personal brand of strumming – what he likes to call ‘freestyling.’ Watch them light up the evening with their music and creative camaraderie!


We felt like making another stop along memory lane and sharing this video that harkens to times when the NSPA performed at Horniman Circle Garden and our artists didn’t wear the trademark yellow tee. Watch three talented musicians perform a cover version of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep,’ for folks relaxing at the Horniman Circle Garden.

This is another fun video we chanced upon while scanning through our playlists. It has our guests Zach & Ellie performing at Farmer’s Market. This talented duo was eager to give Indian audiences a glimpse of American Folk Music and so spent a few hours at this bustling organic market entertaining folks with their peppy brand of music.

This video is slightly more recent but just as enjoyable as the rest. It has two young artists – Kevin & Shilpa perform a melodious version of Maatibaani’s ‘Boondan Boondan’ at Kitab Khana. The festival was called ‘100 Thousand Poets for Change,’ and at this festival, several artists celebrated nature through their respective art forms. Our artists chose music and performed this wonderful song that glorifies the cleansing and calming rainy season.

Well, we hoped you enjoyed these videos. Visit our channel NSPA YouTube if you’d like to watch more! Have a great weekend!


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