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Glass Painting Tips & Ideas for Beginners

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Do you like the way light streams in through a stained glass window? Imagine if you could recreate this wonder in your room! Thanks to glass paints, it’s now completely possible to do so. If you’re trying out glass paints for the first time, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that the glass surface is washed and dried properly. There should be no trace of oil on it.
  • Water-based paints are ideal for beginners. Once you’re comfortable with glass painting, move on to solvent-based ones as they last longer.
  • Apply the liner generously, as it works as a border that prevents paints from mixing.
  • Use a brush to spread the paint. If the sections are too close, take regular and repeated breaks to give the paint time to dry. This will prevent seepage and smudging.
  • If you’re not satisfied with the colour, reapply a coat but only after the first coat has dried.

Here are some easy designs to begin with:

Why not use your skills to glam-up some wine glasses?

CHH design


Image courtesy: CHH Designs

Or your fish bowl?



Image courtesy: HGTV

Maybe a window?



Or a used bottle?


What are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a set of glass paints and start painting!

Shocking Facts about Famous Books

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

We’ve all read these literary classics. But are you aware of these bizarre stories associated with them? Read on to discover some startling facts about these literary gems!

Fahrenheit 451


Image courtesy: Goodreads

Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopian classic. When reading the book, we’ve all wondered about the significance of the title. Online searches inform us that it’s the temperature at which paper catches fire, but this isn’t true, because paper combusts at 451 Celsius and not 451 Fahrenheit. Turns out the fire security specialist Bradbury consulted made an honest mistake and confused the temperature scales!

War and Peace  

Attempting to read Tolstoy’s masterpiece, ‘War and Peace,’ takes guts, patience and tremendous amount of perseverance. The novel, which is approximately 1,440 pages long, presents the stories of five aristocratic Russian families, and through their lived experiences, analyses the impact of the Napoleonic era of Tsarist society. Most people think the novel is too long to read, and ironically, the author seems to share the same sentiment about his work. In January 1871, he wrote a letter to his friend saying, ’How happy I am…that I shall never again write such verbose rubbish like War.’

Pride and Prejudice

P and P

The book is one of these most-revered and loved works in the literary cannon. It gave us Mr. Darcy and showed millions of women what the ‘Perfect Man’ is like. Interestingly, Jane Austen wrote the book when she was just 21. When presented to publishers, most thought the book was no good and so it stayed unpublished for 15 years. It was only after her ‘Sense and Sensibility’ gained fame that her previous work, ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ got published!

Finnegans Wake

In this book, James Joyce coined a word that is 101 letters long. This word is Bababadalgharaghtakamminarronnkonnbronntonnerronntuonnthunntrovarrhounawnskawntoohoohoordenenthurnuk, and refers to the sound made by the fall of Adam and Eve.

Green Eggs and Ham


This children’s book, written by D. Seuss, is one of the simplest works ever written. The entire book makes use of just 50 words and is ideal for children just learning to read. The plot too is delightfully simple and revolves around a character called Sam-I-Am pestering and unnamed character to try out green eggs and ham. Yet, in 1965, the book was banned in People’s Republic of China for its “portrayal of early Marxism.”

Have these bookish facts left you craving for a good read? Step in to QTube Café and pick up any book from the café’s well-stocked shelves. You can sit and read for as long as you like while enjoying free coffee and Wi-Fi and well!

Art Terms to Update your Vocab – Part II

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Our previous article 3 Terms to Update you Art Vocab presented the meaning of the terms Biomorphism, Chiaroscuro and Trompe L’oeil. In this article, we touch upon 3 new terms to help you expand your art vocabulary and understanding of art.


This style of artwork originated in the 18th century. To infuse drama into the artwork and to give it a story-telling quality, artists began dividing their work into 3 sections. Artworks that display this structural division are called Triptychs. Here is an example of one -



The Lamentation, an altarpiece


This form of artwork is quite popular and is something that is even taught in schools. Bricolage is a mixed-media art piece, or a work created from a diverse range of things that happen to be available to an artist.

Igloo, Do We Go Around Houses, or Do Houses Go Around Us? 1977, reconstructed 1985 by Mario Merz 1925-2003


Igloo by Mario Merz, constructed using iron sheets & rods

Image courtesy: Tate


This style of art was developed in the early 20th century. The word refers to an artwork, object or design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way. Some artists used kitsch to comment of the culture of mass consumerism. The famous India painter, Raja Ravi Verma, who is known for his calendar art, is called the father of Indian Kitsch.



A painting of Saraswati by Raja Ravi Verma

Try using these terms when critiquing a work of art the next time!

Overlooked Artworks & Art Zones in Mumbai

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Thanks to the hectic nature of our days, we hardly get time to treat ourselves to entertainment. At the most, we’ll probably find time to watch a serial or two on Netflix, or catch our favourite comedian’s stand up piece on YouTube. But, where or where is the time for art, right? Taking a leisurely stroll through a museum or art gallery seems unthinkable and undoable. Back up  bit, for the good news is that you DON’T have to visit either to enjoy art. There’s art all around you and all you need to do is take a closer look at your surroundings. Here’s an article that’ll help you spot some cool art zones in the city. We bet you never thought these places had any artistic significance!

The Ghetto

This hole-in-the-wall pub in Breach Candy has given graffiti lovers something to marvel at for decades. The pub opened its doors in the mid 90s and since then, has swiftly become one of the most prestigious clubs in Mumbai. While the price of food and beverages can be a little steep, the club is a must-visit because of its unique lighting. The UV tubes make eyes, teeth and fluorescent clothing glow with ghoulish brilliance. If you do visit this club, don’t forget to add your artwork to the graffiti-ridden walls for posterity!

cnn travel


Image courtesy: CNN Travel

Café Mondegar

This iconic café has multiple claims to fame. Not only was it among the first restaurants to dot the city’s streets, it was also the first eatery to introduce a jukebox. But, this isn’t the only reason why the Café is famous. It also boasts the artwork of a very famous cartoonist – Mario Miranda. Mario’s iconic artwork is sprawled along the Café’s walls. The mural comments on life in the city and that’s why the city’s patrons find the artwork incredibly humorous and relatable.



Image courtesy: Dine Out

Phoenix Market City, Kurla

Hailed as one of the largest malls in the city, this upmarket mall houses not only some very expensive brands, it also hosts the works of some very talented local artists. As you walk across the expansive walkways, don’t be surprised if a huge installation jumps out at you. The mall is a good place to go to your monthly art fix without having to shell out a penny.

QTube Café

This tiny café on S.V. Road is an artist friendly café that allows artists to host shows, events, talks and workshops for free. It also displays the works of creators for free. Step in and you’ll see the walls dotted with the works of doodlers, painters and mixed-media artists. It also hosts fun, performing-art related events every week so follow their Facebook page to get timely updates about all the events that are held there.

Public Art Installations

Who says you need to visit an art gallery to view the works of famous sculptors and painters. Several of the creators have designed massive installations that deck the streets of Mumbai. Yes, you can walk along a lane or street in the city and be treated to the works of a famous sculptor like Arzan Khambatta. All you need to do is keep your eyes open and be prepared to ask a few questions. Here are some installations you can look out for – Steel Dolphins at Worli, bronze mermaid sitting on a flower at Marine Drive, R.K. Laxman’s statue at Worli, Valay Shende’s Dabbawalla. Could you think of more installations that often go unnoticed?

afternoon DC


Image courtesy: Afternoon D & C