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An Aye for an Eye

Thursday, April 1st, 2021


An Aye for an Eye
Wells abound with feelings
A glance from me it is stealing
The eye answers to me
For questions that I haven’t framed…
It plays on my skin
A staring and looking game.
What is a portrait
Without the eyes that swell?
Brimming on the precipice
Of emotions that we know well…
….If I happen to come across eyes that speak to me
I might one day like to just be
With the face that beholds the eye
It’s an Aye for your eyes for me……
Them Eyes !
It is not contested. The significance of the eyes in a portrait. Cusped between curved lids, this organ is an engineering and a poetic marvel. It is unlikely that you did not notice the eyes on a portrait, for it belies every twitch and expression that we can manufacture. Ballads and songs, poetry and the times bygone, eyes have been the centrepiece of creative desires…
Light at the End of the Tunnel.
Is it not strange that even a mute portrait can say so much more than a tongue of spectacle and debate? What is there in the eyes that connects so deeply to the point of empathising? It is a mystery that we like to unravel, a closet that we like to open, a sense of not knowing what we see and yet we believe it….
The Cat-eyes!
Wonder why we couldn’t look through, the eyes of a feline that is so shallow. Couldn’t it be that they speak a language that we cant see? Perhaps, and we shall never know…… The grammar of the eye is an ancient mystery that we feel but cannot articulate. In art, we can find it, in ways unsaid but only felt. Now take a look at the eyes for they are a feast to your own! Find yourself lost in their depths, for words can only be shallow, lest in truth they are told !
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Color Me Pretty!

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

They say that once you get your first tattoo done, it’s only matter of time before you go back for another. Turns out, even getting tattoos done can be quite addictive. The reasons behind getting them are as varied and diverse as the people who get them. From ‘being cool’ to chronicling an important aspect of their life, to getting one to commemorate a loss, or as a reminder of strength. Since the festival of colors is just around the corner, we thought we’d give you some ideas of tattoos that have a splash of color. And honestly, even if you’re not interested in getting a tattoo, scroll through them. They’re quite pretty. And who knows, maybe the bug will even bite you. The point is, tattoos with a pop of color do add an extra little something that just isn’t there in the regular black tattoo. Have a look!


You can get your favorite flower, your favorite animal.

Image Source - Art and Design

Image Source – Art and Design

Image Source - IndiaMART

Image Source – IndiaMART

Image Source -

Image Source –


You can get a musical tattoo too.

Image Source - Doozy List

Image Source – Doozy List

Image Source - Tattoo Designs

Image Source – Tattoo Designs


Or your favorite line from your favorite poem or something symbolic.

Image Source - Twitter

Image Source – Twitter

Image Source - Flower Tattoo

Image Source – Flower Tattoo


Or even your favorite book or fairy tale character.

Image Source - Styleoholic

Image Source – Styleoholic

Image Source - Game of Spoons

Image Source – Game of Spoons


Or even this group tattoo where four friends got each piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

Image Source - Styleoholic

Image Source – Styleoholic


Or even this latest trend that has tattoos look like embroidered designs.

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Image Source - OurtimeBD

Image Source – OurtimeBD


Whichever type of tattoo you do get eventually, remember to do a thourough check of the tattoo parlor you decide to use, asking around for recommendations, and check that they use single-use needles which they throw away as soon as they’re done. Also, check with your doctor first, especially if you have any pre-existing condition that could raise issues such as diabetes or anemia.

Look Before You Leap (Year)!

Thursday, February 27th, 2020

It comes only once in four years, and it’s already time! If you weren’t fascinated with the concept of leap day as a kid, were you even a kid? To find out that a year is technically 365 days but actually 365 and one fourth day was cute enough, but then to be told that since you couldn’t put a quarter day into the calendar, so they decided to four quarters together and create a single day every four years was beyond fascinating. If you were anything like us growing up, you were probably wondering you “they” even were. Who comes up with these things? But all of that aside, leap day, as the 29th of February has come to be known, is actually quite ‘famous’ for some other reasons too. The day is immersed in myths, old beliefs, weird superstitions, and whatnot. Let’s check some of them out.


1. Proposal??

So while it’s not that big of a deal these days, long, long, long ago, it was quite scandalous for a woman to propose marriage to a man. So much so, that a quaint little tradition was started where apparently, a woman could propose marriage to a man on leap day and it was okay!

Image Source -

Image Source –


2. Taking the gloves off!

This one’s kind of a continuation of the previous one, but weird enough that it deserves it’s own heading. Apparently, if a man refused a woman’s proposal on leap day, he had to buy her 12 pairs of gloves as a punishment! You might not believe this but there were actually laws regarding this back in the olden days too. The reasoning behind this, they say, is so that the woman could hide her bare, no-ring-to-show-off-here fingers and save herself the embarrasment of having been turned down. Of course, it was slightly different based on which country was involved. In Finland, for example, the punishment was not gloves, but the man having to buy the woman enough cloth to make a skirt. We’re not too sure about the logic behind that one, but it’s amusing either way.

Image Source -

Image Source –


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3. Capital fun

Did you know there is an actual “Leap Year Capital of the World”? The US town Anthony is that esteemed (and self-proclaimed) spot, and even celebrates by holding an actual festival every four years on Leap Day.

Image Source - Facebook

Image Source – Facebook


4. Bad luck?

Several countries believe that the entire leap year is just plain old bad luck, and therefore nothing celebratory or auspicious should be done during a leap year, especially marriages. The people of Greece and Italy believe that marriages are doomed. Russia and Taiwan believe these years bring death. Scotland believes it’s a bad year for livestock. Makes us kinda scared about 2020, to be honest.

Image Source - The Golden Star

Image Source – The Golden Star


5. Leaplings!

Babies born on the 29th of February are fondly known as Leaplings, and it said that they are all invited to join The Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies – seriously, we’re not making this up. It’s an actual thing.

Image Source - Essential Baby

Image Source – Essential Baby


Hope you have a great Leap Year!

Which Coffee Would You Like?

Monday, January 27th, 2020

Ever catch yourself in a coffee shop, staring at the menu, wondering why ordering a simple coffee has to feel like such a task? I mean, it’s coffee. Why are there 47 variants on the board? Why are you being asked if you want a single or double shot? What does it all mean??

Don’t worry. We feel you. So, as the ever supportive buddies (and coffee lovers) that we are, we’ll help you sort out between cappuccino, espresso, latte, and every other variant leaving you cross-eyed.


1. Espresso

Since it’s often the beginning of most coffee options, we’ll start with this. An espresso (often wrongly pronounced as expresso), is a highly concentrated coffee made by forcing near boiling water and steam through finely ground coffee. A single or double shot is basically a single shot or double shot of espresso. 

Image Source - Caffe Society

Image Source – Caffe Society


2. Americano

This is basically an espresso shot (or two), with the same amount of hot water added to it.



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3. Macchiato

A Macchiato is an espresso with a bit of milk added to it.

Image Source - Pinterest

Image Source – Pinterest


4. Cappuccino

A Cappuccino is made with a 1:1:1 ratio of espresso, steamed milk, and foam. This is also the one that you’ll find on social media posts the most, since the foam floating at the top makes a perfect base for creative designs.

Image Source - YouTube

Image Source – YouTube


5. Latte

Very similar to a cappuccino, expect there’s more milk, and less foam. Basically, it would be espresso and steamed milk in a 1:2 ratio, topped with a bit of foam.

Image Source - Nespresso

Image Source – Nespresso


6. Cafe Mocha

A latte mixed with either chocolate syrup or hot chocolate.

Image Source - UB foody

Image Source – UB foody


Now that you know the basics of which type of coffee means what, we hope you can not only find it easier to order your cup, but maybe even help out that one other person in line stuck saying “Yeah, I just want coffee. Like regular coffee”.

Super 2020!

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

With the decade drawing to a close, it’s that time of the year when movie fanatics start eagerly anticipating all that awaits them in the coming year. And for superhero movie buffs (read Marvel and DC fanboys and fangirls), 2020 is looking to be a grand year indeed! Here’s a quick peek at all the storyline arcs you can expect to continue on next year.


1. Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of Harley Quinn)

While Suicide Squad as a whole may not have been the greatest movie, it was absolutely impossible to walk away from it without being blown away by Margot Robbie’s fantastic portrayal of Harley Quinn. Having her stand out as more than just Joker’s girl took some great acting, and she impressed audiences so much that she’s getting her own standalone film!

Expected Release Date: 7 February 2020

Image Source - Comic Book

Image Source – Comic Book


2. The New Mutants

You thought Logan was the end? Absolutely not. Welcome to the world of powerful young teens being locked up for awful reasons, and trying to break free. And what’s the best part? Maisie Williams (Arya Stark from Game of Thrones) is part of the cast. Two fandoms couldn’t come together faster.

Expected Release Date: 3 April 2020

Image Source - Den of Geek

Image Source – Den of Geek


3. Black Widow

There was not one person who watched that wasn’t heartbroken towards the end of the Infinity Saga of the MCU. Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of the cynical and stoic, but deceptively soft-hearted Natasha through the earlier phases grew quietly into everyone’s heart, to the point that no one wanted to let her go. The good news? We start Phase 4 with a stand alone movie that promises fans ‘closure’.

Expected Release Date: 1 May 2020

Image Source - Forbes

Image Source – Forbes


4. Wonder Woman 1984

2020 is definitely turning into a year for female superheroes. And back to reprise her role as fearless Amazonian is Gal Gadot. Fans are eagerly waiting for the trailer that is expected to drop this month.

Expected Release Date: 5 June 2020

Image Source - Comic Book

Image Source – Comic Book


5. Venom 2

For fans of the comic books, to say that the Tom Hardy version of Venom took them a bit by surprise would probably be a bit of an understatement. Traditionally known as a villainous character that brought out the dark side of the human with which it reached symbiosis, this character arc with a bit of unexpected comedy thrown in certainly created an ambiguous atmosphere amongst fans, with many still not sure how they feel about it. It’s a good thing there’s a sequel coming up to help us finally make up our minds.

Expected Release Date: 2 October 2020

Image Source - Morning Picker

Image Source – Morning Picker


6. The Eternals

Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Lauren Ridloff, Brian Tyree Henry, Salma Hayek, Lia McHugh, Don Lee, Barry Keoghan, Gemma Chan, and Kit Harington. Yup. That’s the starcast lineup for this MCU movie. Like, why is this a year away????

Expected Release Date: 6 November 2020

Image Source - Reddit

Image Source – Reddit


We’re holding our breath, are you?

Food Binge vs Netflix Binge

Thursday, November 14th, 2019

Are you a foodie? Do you love exploring about new cultures and the foods that are associated with them? Do you love to travel too? Wouldn’t it be great to indulge in all those interests while curled up on your couch at home? In the age of bingeing, we bring you a list of Netflix shows that can whet your appetite for all things travel and food related, and ensure that you learn something new about all those things you love.

(Disclaimer – Watching these shows will probably make your mouth water, will probably create a travel itch, and will definitely leave you feeling hungry. Kindly proceed with full knowledge and acceptance of said side-effects.)


1. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Food, check! Travel, check! Celebrities, check! David Chang, check! What more could you possibly need? Head through various countries as David brings along famous friends and checks out some phenomenally great food. P.S. You don’t need a visa, we promise.

Image Source - New on Netflix

Image Source – New on Netflix


2. Street Food

Where do you find the best food? On the streets of course! This show brings to the front the true heroes for our taste buds, the people who struggle by getting up earlier than the sun, those who stand in the heat of the afternoon, and work long into the night, just so we can grab a quick bite that’s tasty, cheap, and fills our stomachs and hearts. Sail across Asia and meet the best of the best from India, Thailand, South Korea, and so many more.

Image Source -

Image Source –


3. Chef’s Table

With six whole seasons, this Emmy-nominated series is definitely binge-worthy. Featuring top chefs from across the globe, delve in to hear about their stories, their vision, their food. As you travel from Germany, to Russia, to South Korea, to Mexico, be prepared to be hit by a whirlwind of gorgeous looking food that will leave you breathless. Bonus, one season is only about pastry. Get your dessert game on!

Image Source -

Image Source –


4. Ugly Delicious

An interesting docu-series featuring favourite chef David Chang (again), this one is a must-watch for every single person who loves fusion food. David meets chefs bringing together cultures and flavor profiles in the most fearless ways possible. Whether its Arab tacos, or Japanese pizza, be prepared to have your preconceptions of what does and doesn’t go together completely shattered. Spoiler Alert – Season 2 is on its way!

Image Source - Facebook

Image Source – Facebook


5. Festive Foods

Take a trip across Asia with this show, with each episode featuring various festivals across the continent, and of course the scrumptious food it all brings forth. Whether it’s Diwali, or the Moon Festival, or Winter Solstice celebrations, prepare to drool.

Image Source - Netflix

Image Source – Netflix


Happy Drooling!

Spooky Watchlist for Halloween!

Thursday, October 31st, 2019

October 31st might not be that big a deal here as it is in North America (though it certainly seems to be catching on), however, it still does bring about the perfect excuse to curl up with a tub of popcorn and frightful movie. And as total movie buffs, we need to revisit our favorites, and this definitely seems to be the perfect time for that!

Here’s a list of our favorites


1. The Conjuring

If you haven’t seen this one, then we seriously wonder why you’re reading this piece, because you clearly aren’t a fan of horror movies. With its exceptional acting, eery and near-perfect background score, and unexpected frights galore, it is a dream come true for all horror fanatics worldwide.

Image Source - Forbes

Image Source – Forbes


2. Jaws

Did you know more people die from car accidents, plane accidents, even crossing the road, than by shark attacks? No? Don’t care either? This movie is probably why. No matter what anyone says, after this movie came out, it was pretty much guaranteed that only killer ghosts would be considered scarier than a shark attack.

Image Source - The Irish Times

Image Source – The Irish Times


3. A Quiet Place

This is on our list purely because of stellar acting and completely different handling of the horror genre. Sound has always played an integral part in developing feelings of foreboding in any good horror movie, and this movie does the exact opposite of what you expect it to. With the characters having to keep quiet to stay alive, it is the complete silence that creates the foreboding. There are times you want to tell your pounding heart to lower its volume.

Image Source - IndieWire

Image Source – IndieWire


4. The Shining

Jack Nicholson is a masterpiece. There is nothing that needs to be said beyond this. There’s a reason this movie is considered a classic, and we are hardly fools to disagree.

Image Source - Esquire

Image Source – Esquire


5. The Exorcist

We’re not going to bother explaining this one. You know.

Image Source - Response

Image Source – Response


Have a spooky night!

Make It A Genuinely Happy Celebration for All

Thursday, October 24th, 2019

With Diwali right around the corner, it is definitely time to celebrate. But while we celebrate, there is one component of the festivities that over the past few years has been seeing quite a bit of contention. Though thoughts of Diwali immediately bring to mind images of diyas, rangolis, sweets, gifts, and fairy lights, it also conjures the image of fireworks. But with each passing year, more and more people are foregoing this one aspect. Here’s a few of the reasons why:


1. Air Pollution

With the amount of smoke that various fireworks generate, this one reason is definitely at the top of the list. With growing awareness of how bad our air, especially in metro cities, is getting day by day, many people agree that by foregoing the yearly fireworks, it can make a huge difference.

Image Source - KTLA

Image Source – KTLA


2. Sound Pollution (especially for babies, the elderly, and animals)

Young children and animals both are sensitive, and have sensitive hearing. And most of all, they get tremendously scared with the loud noises. Though it’s purely a show of celebration, for them, it ends up being quite the opposite.

Image Source - North Shore Family Services

Image Source – North Shore Family Services


3. Garbage

The amount of litter that is spread across the roads the morning after Diwali is probably something you’ve been noticing for a while now, right? Especially if you were lucky (or unlucky) enough to have a sutli line or two set off in your gully. How about we try to keep our streets clean this time?

Image Source - YouTube

Image Source – YouTube


4. Accidents

We’ve all heard the horror stories over the years. The bombs that exploded while still in the hand, the clothes that caught fire from the fountain firework, the rocket that accidently went into someone’s house. Light a diya instead.

Image Source - Keystone Fireworks

Image Source – Keystone Fireworks


Don’t get us wrong, we’re not asking you not to celebrate. But maybe factor in the environment, kids, cleanliness, and safety into the picture, and then take a call?

We wish you and your loved ones a very happy and very safe Diwali.

Celebrate International Dog Day!

Monday, August 26th, 2019

August 26th is International Dog Day (though we personally feel it should be every day, and celebrated as such too!)

It’s a day to not only commemorate how helpful dogs are to us humans in so many countless ways (pets, police dogs, support dogs, etc), but also to help spread awareness to help out those stuck in shelters waiting to be adopted. And we definitely should have enough love in our hearts to go around, after all, it’s not like giving affection costs anything. In fact, quite the opposite, it ends up being a truly enriching experience.

Image Source - PetPartners

Image Source – PetPartners

So here’s some great ways you could celebrate this International Dog Day!


1. Spend some extra time with your own dog, and make him/her feel special

Their entire world really does revolve around us, as does their day. How about you take some extra time out from your schedule and give them a special treat. Play with them, take them on a picnic, or just keep it simple and sit on the floor and talk to them while petting. Our dogs really just want us to spend some quality time with them.

Image Source - Animal Reiki Source

Image Source – Animal Reiki Source


2. Volunteer for the day at a shelter

Our house pets aren’t the only ones looking for affection. In fact, there are so many out there that require and are even desperately waiting for a bit of care. Whether they are injured strays or abandoned pets, so many dogs end up in shelters purely because they have no other place or option left. What do they need most? Food, a safe place to sleep, and a bit of affection. They aren’t asking for much, right? And since shelters take care of the first two of those needs abundantly, we can easily help out in the last one, don’t you think?

Image Source - Delta Animal Shelter

Image Source – Delta Animal Shelter


3. Donate to your local shelter

Even if you don’t have the time or opportunity to volunteer at your local shelter, you can still help out. How? There’s the obvious way of donating funds because whether you admit or not, caring for so many animals, many of whom tend to require medical attention certainly does rack up the bills. But if you can’t, or don’t want to go down that route, you can still donate supplies, and that too ends up being extremely helpful. Shelters are always on the lookout for basic supplies like medical supplies, dog food, towels, bedding, food bowls, cleaning supplies, and so many other items. Even old bed sheets that are just sitting at the back of your linen closet gathering dust can be of help. So what are you waiting for?

Image Source - Dogtime

Image Source – Dogtime


4. Feed some strays

While our house pets are often spoiled little buggers, the same definitely can’t be said of the poor strays that must survive on their own on the streets. They definitely could use a helping hand. And with the Indian courts and law coming out in support of all animal dignity, right to life, and of course, the right of people to care for them, there really is no excuse not to help out here and there. Whether you feed a dog that lives in your locality on a daily basis, or buy a pack of biscuits for one you just met randomly while out for errands, each bite you provide is a blessing for the one receiving it. Bet no one knew you were a superhero, right?

Image Source - ResQ

Image Source – ResQ


5. Share adoption posts on social media

Even if you can’t do anything else, sharing adoption posts on your social media is pretty helpful too. You never know, you might actually help an abandoned and unloved dog find his family and forever home. And trust us when we say, that act might not change the world, but it will definitely change that one dog’s world. The satisfaction you will feel will be unlike anything else you could experience.

Image Source - Vintonva

Image Source – Vintonva


Have a Paw-some Day!

Image Source -

Image Source –

How To Be A Little Kinder This Monsoon Season!

Friday, June 28th, 2019

After a long month of teasing and playing coy, it seems the rains are here in full force. Cats and dogs doesn’t seem to even begin describing the outpouring that is currently happening. Don’t forget to carry your umbrella and coat if you’re stepping out today!

But along with taking care of yourself in the rains, you should also try to be considerate of others. Here’s a list of five ways you can be more considreate of others this monsoon.


1. Let your guard down

First things first, ensure that you have mudguards installed behind the rear tyres of your vehicle. Why? Because muddy roads filled with puddles often send a stream of mud flying at whichever vehicle is behind you. While it doesn’t really matter if it’s a car or bus, it makes a huge difference to the bike riders behind you. It’s a small piece of rubber, but it makes a huge difference.

Image source - ebay

Image source – ebay


2. Take shelter

Some of the most hard hit (and voiceless) by the rains are the stray animals out and about. It’s not only people that don’t like to be caught unawares and left drenched. While we all have homes to get back to and dry off, these animals don’t. So if you see one taking shelter under your car, or window sill, or even the entrance to your building, don’t shoo them off. Let them stay a while and take some respite from the downpour. And if you’re extra nice, you’ll even tell your security guard to let them be.

Image source - Flickr

Image source – Flickr


3. Umbrella, Ella, Ella!

See someone stuck in the rain without an umbrella? Offer to share yours. It seems like a small gesture, but it will definitely mean a lot. Trust us!

Image source - Mirror

Image source – Mirror


4. Chai peelo!

One of the quintessential things about the rain in India is definitely a chai and pakoda combination. As the temperature drops, and wet clothes guarantee shivering, there are thousands of homeless people left on our city streets with no respite from the cold and wetness. A hot cup of tea and warm words can do wonders. Next time you stop at a tea stall, buy an extra cutting for someone that looks like they really need it. It doesn’t cost much, but the value is definitely immeasurable.

Image source - Astro Ulagam

Image source – Astro Ulagam


5. Sad times

Unfortunately, a lot of people really hate the rain. And for those suffering from any form of mental illness, it’s especially tough, because the rain just makes sadness seem sadder. Reach out and call old friends and family every now and then, just to check up on how they’re doing. A quick hi and a small joke might not make much difference to your day, but it might considerably brighten someone else’s.

Image source -

Image source –