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Etiquette Guide to Make It A Happy Holi!

Tuesday, March 10th, 2020

Happy Holi everyone! While the festival of colors is something a lot of people look forward to, and many often refer to it as their Indian festival, there are still quite a few who shy away from all the color and loud music that is often associated with Holi. Wondering why? Because while the celebration of Holi has a lot going for it, it also, unfortunately, has a few drawbacks which make it a not-so-happy festival for several people. So here’s a quick guide to ensure that you aren’t the only one having a Happy Holi.


1. Always ask first!

It doesn’t take long. All you have to do is ask first. Just because you feel like celebrating doesn’t mean the other person needs to oblige that. Also, some people don’t like close contact, have skin allergies or sensitivity, or just don’t like it. And don’t just ask for the sake of asking, respect their right to say no, and move on.

Image Source - Times of India

Image Source – Times of India


2. Use natural and organic colors

So many of those colors that you’ve bought off the street are cheap. And the reason for this is often because they are manufactured without standards. Many of those colors have toxic elements and unnatural or dangerous chemicals mixed in to make the color pop more, and will often leave people fighting off rashes and skin burns, irritated eyes, among other issues, for several days after the festivities are over.

Image Source - The Softcopy

Image Source – The Softcopy


3. Don’t throw colors on animals!

What’s the first thing you do once the Holi party is over? You take a bath, right? You know who can’t do that? All those dogs, cats, cows, and whatever other animal you have doused in color. Not only that, they are at an even higher risk of health issues because they lick themselves, so are at the risk of ingesting all those chemicals.

Image Source - Facebook

Image Source – Facebook


4. Keep your distance

Women especially are unfond of Holi. The instances of strangers, and even acquaintances using the application of color as an excuse to touch women inappropriately is incomparable. Don’t believe us? Ask the women in your life how they really feel about it, and you’ll definitely get a ‘colorful’ earful of stories. No celebration should take away a woman’s autonomy and control over her own body. Please be respectful.

Image Source - Indian Women Blog

Image Source – Indian Women Blog


5. Bura Na Mano!

If you do get called out for any behaviour, don’t try to hide behind the age old “Bura na mano, Holi hai”. Just apologize and learn not to repeat it again. It’s a lot easier than you think.

Image Source - Thought Pillars

Image Source – Thought Pillars


Love celebrating Holi? Then we hope you try to make it a happy celebration for everyone around you too.


Happy Holi!

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Celebrate This V-Day with More Than Just Your Partner

Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

Tis the season of love. And while we cannot obviously contend against the pure commercialization of Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate it nonetheless. But we do have a contention – why is Valentine’s Day only about our romantic partners? Isn’t love just love? And don’t all loving relationships need to be celebrated just as much? Here’s who all we think you should consider celebrating with:


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1. Your Parents

The very first relationship most of us had. And possibly also the one we overlook the most, especially as we get older, and find ourselves more and more caught up in our own work problems, personal lives, and social drama. Take some time and make a little bit of an extra effort to reach out this year. If you live in the same city, why not take them out for a meal? If not, why not send a gift or flowers over and surprise them. Just let them know that you’re thinking of them, and that you miss them. It’ll make their year, trust us.

Image Source - the box is there for a reason

Image Source – the box is there for a reason


2. Your Siblings

No one really understands the term “love-hate relationship” like siblings do. They’re both your best friends and your worst enemies, all in one package. They know all your worst stories, and every single achievement you’ve made. Why not be the bigger person and show a little affection this year? If nothing else, you could do it just to shock them into numbness (and isn’t that a great return gift?).

Image Source - Lifehack

Image Source – Lifehack


3. Your Friends

Your buddies, your pals, your friends. They’ve been with you through singlehood, falling in love, and even heartache. How about taking some time to treat them to something special? After all, when you really think about it, aren’t friends the greatest thing ever? They are not genetically predisposed to love, yet still do. They chose you, and actively chose to stick around all these years. They’ve seen you at your worst and did not abandon you. And they seem to be sticking around for more. If that isn’t true love, we don’t know what is.

Image Source - My Be-loving Friends

Image Source – My Be-loving Friends


4. Your Pets

Let’s face it. Do any of us really need a reason or date to love our pets a little extra? Not really, no. But why not? Take ‘em to the beach, or to the park, or even bake them a cake. Whatever they love doing or eating. Just take a little extra effort and make the day special not just for them, but for you too!

Image Source - Home Maids in Dubai

Image Source – Home Maids in Dubai


5. Yourself

They say that all you truly have at the end of the day is you, yourself. In acknowledging all those we love, and who love us back, don’t ever forget that one special someone – you. Not only is self-love and self-appreciation a must in today’s stress-centered world, it’s also a great way to stay happy and balanced. Because you can’t truly love others if you can’t even love yourself, nor can you expect that of them. As one great person said, “How can you expect others to love you, when you can’t find it in you to love yourself?” There’s something unique and special about you – time to celebrate it.

Image Source - Heartki

Image Source – Heartki


Happy Valentine’s Day!

New Year’s Resolution Cheat Sheet!

Monday, December 30th, 2019

To say that the pressure of having resolutions to start the new year with is high would be a bit of an understatement, wouldn’t it? All these years, and yet, the great trend of “New Year’s Resolution” hasn’t gone away and left us alone already! Which basically means, like every other year, we are doomed to making our resolutions (yes, yes, even we’re going to start going to the gym this year), and then doomed to fail.

But what if we found you a cheat sheet of kinds? A way to make keeping your resolutions a little bit easier. It’s not foolproof of course (because if you are determined not to keep it up, what can we possibly do). But if you’re genuinely trying to be sincere and make an actual effort, how about you try these methods to make the way slightly easier.


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1. Use the ‘Buddy System’

Everything in life is easier with a friend (well, except how to stop laughing when you’re both guffawing). There will be days when you want to give up, there will be days when you’re friend wants to give up. It’s ok, you’ve got each other’s backs, like always. When one of you runs low on motivation, the other will immediately boost it up. Because, let’s face it, just because we’re adults doesn’t mean we don’t need to still be dragged out of bed on some days. Whether it’s suffering through morning jogs, or trying a new class, or hobby, having a friend along for the ride always makes it more fun.

Image Source - Elite Daily

Image Source – Elite Daily


2. Keep track

Keep a separate diary or journal to keep track of your progress every day. And make sure to make an entry every single day (even if you don’t follow through with your resolution on any particular day – that’s ok). As the days progress, you’ll realize how much work you’ve actually been putting in (as well as seeing how many times you’ve been slacking off). Seeing it right there in black and white really helps in refocusing yourself. Works wonders every time.

Image Source - James Clear

Image Source – James Clear


3. Don’t date it! 

No, this isn’t a romantic comedy reference. We’re just talking about regular calendar related dates. The biggest issue with starting any new thing up, whether a resolution or a good old-fashioned habit, is that we always put off starting it, and then it turns into this big production in our heads, and the pressure just unnecessarily builds up. And for what? We’re the ones who are turning that looming Monday into such a scary monster. It’s high time to stop putting so much importance on the day or date we are to start something, and instead just focus on that which we’re supposed to start. No more being worried about Mondays, and 1sts, and 15ths, and just get on with it. Put the focus back where it should be and just do it.

Image Source -

Image Source –


4. Hit the Start button (Again!)

You’re human. We know. And people will stumble, fail, and fall. It’s but natural. There is nothing to be ashamed about. What you shouldn’t lose focus of is that you need to get back up and get back on track. There is no shame in restarting, and it doesn’t matter how many times you have to do it. Remember, resolutions are for you own betterment. You make them because you want to see some improvement or change in some aspect of your life. As long as you remember your intentions as to why you got onto this path to begin with, you should be able to get back onto it. Everyone is struggling to keep up with the promises they make to themselves. You’re not the only one, so don’t be afraid to keep at it.

Image Source - Free Management Library

Image Source – Free Management Library


We wish you a very happy, prosperous, and satisfying new year. May you be happier, younger at heart, and power through everything that life throws your way.

Happy New Year!

Spreading Holiday Cheer

Tuesday, December 24th, 2019

Tis the season to be jolly and that shouldn’t just be for you. How about we spread the cheer a bit? Holidays can be a tough time for a lot of people – those you are living alone, those who recently lost a loved one, those who are suffering from depression, those who are stuck in hospitals for their own or their loved ones’ ailments, those going through a cash crunch, and so many others. You never really know anyone else’s story, or what kind of issues and difficulties they might be facing. So take the chance this holiday season to spread some joy and just be a tad bit nicer (we know you’re already a nice person, but how about we pump it up a bit). Here are some ideas to spread some warmth around this chilly season.


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1. Buy from local stores and artisans

Everyone knows that holidays also mean shopping. Gifts for your family and friends, for your office Secret Santa, decorations, plum cake, chocolates, it’s actually quite never-ending. Support your local communities and buy local instead of hitting the mall or large retail stores. It might seem like a slight thing for you, but it means the world to store/artisan you purchase from.

Image Source - SmallBizDaily

Image Source – SmallBizDaily


2. Donate

For those alone or abandoned, it’s an especially trying time of the year. It’s lonely, it’s cold, and it ends up being quite sad. Luckily, you can help by donating. Whether it’s gifts, money, or honestly, the best one, time. Whether it’s orphanages, old age homes, or animal shelters, everyone could do with a little extra love this holiday season.

Image Source - Advanced Urology

Image Source – Advanced Urology


3. Call up

It might sound like a weirdly small thing, but take the time to make some calls to people you haven’t spoken to in a while. Just to check in, say hi, and wish them happy holidays. You never know how a small hello from you might brighten someone’s day.

Image Source - Techlicious

Image Source – Techlicious


Happy Holidays!

Got Some Spare Time?

Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

No matter how busy our schedules, you’d be surprised how much of time you can find in little hidden pockets if you really pay attention. A half hour here, and hour there, and you’ll find a few hours that were playing hide-n-seek with you every single day. How do you find them? Pretty simple! Just write down what you do all day in a breakdown of hours (or better yet, half hours). Let’s say you get up at 7 am every morning, and sleep around 11 pm each night, write down your office timings, your travel times, your getting ready in the morning and meal times, and figure out just how much spare time you have left in the rest of the day. You’ll probably average about 2-3 hours every day at the very least. If you’re lucky, it might even go up to 4 or 5 hours (though that’ll probably be rare). Our point being, if you take those hours, and focus even one of those hours every day, you could do so much with it. Like what, you may be wondering. Well, that’s where we come in.

Here are some great ideas as to what you can do with one hour every single day and an internet connection (and maybe some tools, depending on what you plan on doing).


1. Learn a language

The world is way bigger than you can imagine it to be, and each country, and sometimes each state, comes with either its own language, or even its own dialect. With options from apps to online websites, to even books and audio recordings, the methodology options are as varied as the options as to which language you can start with first.

Image Source - Irish Times

Image Source – Irish Times


2. Take a course

You’ll be surprised to learn how many global universities offer online courses, and the pure plethora of course options that exist. Whether you want to learn management, gardening, or music theory, it doesn’t matter where your interest lies, you will definitely find courses that suit what you’re looking for. While some websites offer courses that you have to pay, there are endless options for free courses, many from some of the top universities (even Harvard has an online university option with free courses that you can register for). Time to go on the hunt, no?

Image Source - The Dimension's Edge

Image Source – The Dimension’s Edge


3. Learn an instrument

Ok, we agree, this will require that you either buy, rent, or borrow the instrument in question, but still, if this is what you’ve always wanted to do, why not? Who said time is the only thing you can invest in your interests. You’ll find numerous options to learn whichever instrument you want (even singing), and all you have to do is put in the time and practice, practice, practice. Piano, guitar, violin, cello, ukulele, harp, water glasses, djembe, the options are absolutely endless!

Image Source -

Image Source –


4. Pick up crafting

It might be considered only a “hobby”, but if it brings you happiness and peace of mind, it’s totally a worthwhile way to spend your time. And there are so many options within crafting too. And if you do it often enough, it can even turn into a nice little side business (in some cases, people have gone on to leave their jobs to pursue their so-called “hobbies” full time, as they had turned into such a revenue generator). You never know. So whether you’re into painting, quilling, miniature creation, jewelry making, or even origami, go for it!

Image Source - Relentlessly Purple

Image Source – Relentlessly Purple


5. Take up a freelance job

Ok, so we admit, this is probably suited to those who have 4 or more hours free each day, otherwise you probably just want to Netflix and chill after a certain point. But seriously, there are so many part-time job options available online that don’t even require much time, and the extra pay ain’t all bad either. Whether you’re translating documents, proofreading student assignments, creating graphic designs, or tutoring online, the options are pretty endless.

Image Source - Freedom Lifestyle Today

Image Source – Freedom Lifestyle Today


All the best to learning something new!

5 Easy Ways to Save The Earth!

Friday, June 7th, 2019

With World Environment Day having just come and gone (June 5th), it’s time we reflect a little on our own little footprint on what’s happening around us, and how we can play a small but nonetheless significant role to help out. Not everyone has the power, patience or perseverence to change the world single handedly, but we can certainly all play our own small part. So what are some of the ways we can help? What changes can we bring in our own lives that help impact the environment in a positive way? We’ve got some great ideas for you.


No Plastic Bags

As state governments are slowly getting behind this policy one at a time, it’s high time everyone got onto the bandwagon all on their own. Keep a few cloth bags folded in your purse/bag at all times, for whenever you go shopping, and help out the environment!

Image source - Hobsons Bay City Council

Image source – Hobsons Bay City Council


Brush those teeth!

Brushing your teeth twice a day is great, but most people go through 2-5 toothbrushes every year. Unfortunately, toothbrushes are made from, you guessed it, plastic! You’re hardly expected to use dental sticks though. So what’s the alternative? Bamboo toothbrushes! Easily available online, though slightly pricey, they are certainly better for the environment as they are definitely bio-degradable.

Image source - Purganics

Image source – Purganics


Metal straws

Say no to plastic straws! Did you know that in the US alone, it is said that each person uses, on average, over 100 straws every year? Multiply that by the number of people, and that’s a whole lot of plastic in the landfills and ocean. Metal straws are here to save the planet though, one drink at a time. They small and light enough to carry around in your bag, or even in your pocket! There are even collapsible options available, that can fit into wallets.

Image source - Port Plums

Image source – Port Plums


Bucket list

Every home has trash bins, but every home should also get a compost bucket! It’s a great way to get rid of all your bio-degradable waste, and if you have a garden, it’s a fantastic (and much cheaper) option for fertilizer. While it does admittedly take a few tries to get the method down pat, it’s totally worth it in the end.

Image source - Amara

Image source – Amara


Write the right way!

Are you someone who’s constantly jotting down notes, and creating to-do lists? Instead of using notepads, scraps of papers, or even post its, you’ve got two great environment friendly options for you! The simplest one is obviously to just jot those points down on your phone. But if you like the process of writing things down, and crossing things off a list (there is joy there, trust us), then you too have a great option. Reusable notebooks have laminated pages that you can just wipe off when done (think white boards), so you don’t need to keep piling up waste paper in your trash bin! Talk about win-win!

Image source - Greenstory

Image source – Greenstory


Whether you opt for only one of these options, some of them, or even all of them, all’s good. Just remember, that no matter how small your contribution, no matter how small the difference you bring in your lifestyle to accommodate the needs of the environment, every single small step or action makes a difference. You ARE helping. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Up Your Water Intake This Summer!

Friday, May 31st, 2019

With a heat wave taking over the country, and many cities in Maharashtra peaking in the high 40s, staying cool is turning out harder than it sounds. And one aspect that is often overlooked in the rush to stand in front of the air-conditioning vent is possibly one of the easiest, and best, ways to cool your body naturally. Drinking enough water might seem like an easy thing to do, but it turns out, it’s actually harder. Not only are you sweating more in the summer heat, your body also uses up the excess to maintain its temperature. So basically, what you thought was “enough” water, really isn’t in the summer months. Your intake should go up from the standard 8 glasses a day, to at least 12.


Image source - CDC

Image source – CDC

Wondering why water is so important? It’s actually one of the reasons (or actually, it’s lack is one of the reasons) why you feel more lethargic during the heat. Because your body depends on your water intake to regulate its temperature, it’s easier for your body to overheat without it. Also, water helps flush out toxins from your body, and if you aren’t having enough, there’s an excess build up of toxins too. That’s also why instances of dry skin, dandruff, and pimples increase during the heat.

But while we all agree that water intake is important, it’s often seen that people, especially working professionals, simply forget to drink water. Yes, you read that right. They forget. Because getting caught up with reports, meetings, and the daily humdrum of the work life, it’s hard to keep track of water intake during the day. But worry not, if you’re one of the many, many who suffer from this phenomena, we’re here to save the day! We’ve compiled a list of ways to ensure that you stay on top of your daily hydration goals, and don’t waver.


1. Always in view

Make sure that you have your own bottle of water sitting at your desk, and ensure that it is clearly visible in your work space. The old adage of out of sight, out of mind is actually quite apt, and you’re more likely to keep drinking if you keep seeing the bottle every time you move your eyes off of your computer screen.

Image source - spright

Image source – spright


2. Restock the inventory

Ok, so this might sound childish, but it’s actually a great cheat. Every time you are heading back to your desk after using the washroom, have a glass of water. The more you drink, the more you’ll need to use the facilities, and therefore, the more you’ll drink. The best thing about this method is that it’s actually one of the easiest habits to inculcate.

Image source - Office Sign Company

Image source – Office Sign Company


3. An app a day

There are quite a lot of free apps available for download that basically give you a reminder to drink a glass of water every hour, and also track how much of water you consume each day. Not only do you constantly get reminded, you can also track your intake, and monitor your daily trends.

Image source - Lifespan

Image source – Lifespan


4. Infuse away

If you’re one of those that gets bored with plain water, try infusing for added flavor (and nutrient boost!). Slice some cucumbers, oranges, and mint (or a variety of other combinations) and chuck them into a jug, and fill with water. Leave it to infuse for a few hours, and voila! Nowadays, it’s even easy to find infusing bottles in the market, so you can take the same to work with you.

Image source - Amazon

Image source – Amazon


5. Appeal to the eyes

Buy a bottle, glass or cup that you absolutely adore the design of. It’s statistically proven that if we like the receptacle, we are more likely to use it often. So whether it’s a cup with a picture of your loved ones on it, or a glass with a quirky design, the more you associate a smile with it, the more you’ll use it.

Image source - AliExpress

Image source – AliExpress


Keep hydrated, Keep cool!

5 Easy Steps to a Cleaner Home!

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

Ever since childhood, our mother’s voice has been pretty incessant in telling us to clean our room. Now that adulthood is upon us, it seems we have to carry on in regards not only to our bedrooms, but the rest of our home too. Who ever said that adulting was easy?

If cleaning is not your cup of tea, then here’s a great checklist to follow to keep your home looking as clean as possible, without putting in too much of effort (after all, who wants that?)


1. Make the bed!

Your mom was right. Though we might hate to admit it, just taking a minute to sort out your bedsheets in the morning instantly makes your bedroom look more organized and put together.

Image source - Welldoing

Image source – Welldoing


2. Divide and conquer

Whether you live with family or roommates, the more the people, the more the mess potential. So, do the responsible thing. Divide the chores for around the house among everyone that lives there. Whether you all decide on static chores, where one person is permanently responsible for dishes, while another for brooming and mopping, or decide to create a chore chart where you all rotate duties, find a system that works and work it.

Image source - Verywell mind

Image source – Verywell mind


3. Declutter

Pick one day every month for a routine decluttering. Do a quick sweep around every single room in the house, and throw out anything that hasn’t been used in the past three months (except for seasonal things of course. You definitely want to keep that umbrella around.)

Image source - Simple Living Country Gal

Image source – Simple Living Country Gal


4. Keep that hall clean!

Unexpected guests are bound to happen, especially if you live in India. So as not be caught off guard and embarrassed, make sure to always keep that hall clean. A quick sweep of the hall before heading out every morning, and as soon as you get home from work every evening is an easy habit to make, and even easier to keep.

Image source -

Image source –


5. Get a laundry basket!

It sounds ridiculously simple, but it’s a game changer. Having a dedicated space for every one’s dirty laundry to go as soon as they get home and change can seem like it won’t really matter, but it is a great habit for every person to have, and it also means that dirty, smelly clothes won’t get randomly willy-nilly around various bedroom floors. (A plus point for whoever is tasked with laundry is that they just have to tip the clothes over into the machine on the day, without having to gather the clothes up in their hands. Trust us, they’ll definitely be thanking you for that basket then!)

Image source -

Image source –


We’ve given you the steps to follow, but walking the path is all up to you. May you walk strong and steady!

It’s World Kindness Day!

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

13th November is celebrated as World Kindness Day every year across several countries, including India. Started way back in 1998, it’s a day to remind us that a little extra kindness to those around us is never a small thing, especially for the person on the receiving end.

So, what can you possibly do to make the world a kinder place? Here are some suggestions:


1. Volunteer

It’s often said that the greatest gift you can ever give someone is your time. Make a pact to volunteer at a charity or NGO, hospital or old age home, or even an animal shelter. Find something that speaks to your heart and get out there and spread some happiness. If you can do it regularly, like once a week, that’s great! If not, once a month is good too. But do get out there. It might not make a big difference to you, but trust us when we say, it’s going to be a bright spot in the day for whoever you spend it with.

Image Source - kccasa

Image Source – kccasa


2. Donate

No one is speaking of sending out millions to NGOs if you can’t afford it, but even a small amount earmarked for a charity cause every month makes a huge difference in the world. Find a cause or two that resonate with you, do some basic research on the institution you would like to support. And you can even claim a tax benefit if the charity or NGO you donate to is registered. Talk about win-win!

Image Source - taxjustice

Image Source – taxjustice


3. Keep your eyes open (and help!)

Remember that old man who was having trouble crossing the street alone you saw a week ago? Or that rickshaw driver who seemed to have exhausted his petrol and was pushing his rickshaw along all alone? Why didn’t you help out? In our daily rush to get to work/college and then our rush to get back home, have we become desensitized to such an extent that we don’t even see each other in the blur? In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, ‘Be the change you want to see’. A small deed goes a long way.

Image Source -

Image Source –


4. Compliment people

This is truly one of our favorites. Whether it’s for friends and family, or strangers, every single person immediately feels better after being complimented. Maybe your sister’s dress is nice. Maybe that strangers hairstyle is cool. Maybe your coworker did a great job in that meeting today. Tell people! There’s just not enough of that in the world. Be the change agent to making it a kinder place.

Image Source - Ty Bennett

Image Source – Ty Bennett


5. Smile

Really. Sometimes that’s all it takes. A random smile from a random stranger can truly go a long way in brightening someone’s day. Especially since you don’t know what kind of they had, or what struggles they might be dealing with. You never know, your smile might actually be the bright spot of their day. Doesn’t just that possibility sound wonderful. Make your smile, and it’s ability to improve someone’s day, your superpower.

Image Source - The Weekly Sparkle

Image Source – The Weekly Sparkle


And always remember – the more you give (whether in funds, supplies, or time), the more you get. You will be the happier for it.

Have a happy and kind day!

The Benefits of Decluttering

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

“The more things you own, the more they own you.”

While we’ve always been counselled to keep our living and working spaces clean (think back to your mom yelling at you to clean your room), most people don’t think about the co-relation of a clean space with a clean and clear mindset. But this co-relation has not only been studied and well established, it has also sparked a movement called minimalism (which we admit, is a teensy bit extreme for us, and not exactly possible and practical for everyone), but it does bring to focus the benefits of the ‘less is more’ concept of thinking and living.

Image source - Sutton and Grove

Image source – Sutton and Grove


To put it simply, decluttering is the conscious act of removing all necessary physical assets that are of no use to you any longer. Though each practitioner and advocate of the practice will vary a little in how they describe it, most will give you a time frame (like a year or two) and ask you to either throw away or donate anything that hasn’t been used by you in that duration. For example, open your cupboard and remove all items of clothing that you have not worn even once in the past one year.

Image source - Frugal and Thriving

Image source – Frugal and Thriving

But is decluttering really all it’s cracked up to be, or is it just another passing fad? Well, we present a list of supposed benefits to de-cluttering your life, to make it easier for you to decide.


1. It makes you more confident in your own abilities

The more organized your living or workspace, the more confident you feel in your organization skills. Because let’s face it, opening your eyes each morning to that giant pile of clothes on that chair, or walking into your office with a cluttered desk being the first thing you see, isn’t exactly a great way to get a boost of confidence.

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2. It reduces anxiety

The more clutter you see, the more guilty you feel for not having sorted it, and fantastic news, the more anxious you feel because of the pressure you’ve now created thanks to all that guilt. It’s a never ending cycle. Best way to clear your mind? Clear that desk!

Image source - Reader's Digest

Image source – Reader’s Digest


3. It leads to mindful purchasing

Since decluttering requires you to not only dispose of things you aren’t using, it also requires that you pay attention new purchases, which in turns leads you to be more mindful in your purchasing habits. This means that you actively consider the longevity of use for any product you purchase, whether it is a piece for your home, and item of clothing, or even work equipment.

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4. It helps you find things more easily

So simple! The less items you have, the less likely something will get misplaced amongst a giant pile. No more emptying the entire cupboard to find your favorite shirt, and opening all the kitchen drawers to find that pizza cutter. Since you’re only keeping the bare minimum stuff, you can now find things in a jiffy.

Image source - Tilting at Windmills

Image source – Tilting at Windmills


5. It leads to better sleep

Though there are plenty of studies that show that a less cluttered space allows for positive energy to flow without obstruction, if you aren’t one to believe ‘such’ things, it doesn’t matter. A cleaner home leaves less room for guilt in your mind. Guilt of leaving that mess in the hall, that pile of papers on your desk, that pile of dishes in the sink. The cleaner your home, the more satisfied you feel turning in for the day, the better your sleep.

Image source - ExpertBeacon

Image source – ExpertBeacon


6. It’s easier to let go of the past

We often end up holding onto things as physical reminders of long held memories. And this often leads to our inability to let ‘things’ go. But once you purge the excess physical items, you often find yourself feeling mentally lighter too. People have often expressed the feeling of letting go of the past, and being able to focus more not only on their present, but the future too.

Image source - Goddess Ignited

Image source – Goddess Ignited


7. It reduces stress in relationships

A cramped and cluttered home often leads to a cluttered mind as well, and the first victim is often our relationships, whether with our significant other, our parents or siblings, or even our coworkers. Flustered feelings resulting from an overflowing desk or an untidy home often manifest in our dealings with people that co-exist with us in those very spaces, and freeing up the excess and unused allows for the same in our feelings too.

Image source - Zoosk

Image source – Zoosk


8. It saves on storage space

The less items you have, the less you have to worry about stuffing them in some random drawer or cabinet, just to get them out of the way. It becomes possible not only to find space to store everything you own, but also becomes easier to organize it, since you’re no longer stuck in the otherwise never ending struggle to find that itty bitty space for that extra pair of shoes, or that third guitar, or that 47th stuffed toy (hey, we don’t judge).

Image source - Pinterest

Image source – Pinterest


9. It increases creativity and productivity

Instead of constantly worrying about where you’re going to put the new project file so it doesn’t get mixed up with the old ones, or why you now have three places where you’re keeping linen, you now can focus on better things. Since decluttering frees up both space and time, you automatically have more time on your hands to not only be more organized, but more productive too.

Image source - Startup

Image source – Startup


10. It leads to a cleaner household/office

And it’s so much easier (and faster) to keep clean! Instead of dusting 67 little knick knacks, many of which were gifts some twenty years ago and you don’t even remember who gave them, you now can just wipe down empty coffee tables, and display cabinets that have only the really special items now. Think of all the things you can do with all that extra time! And an added benefit is that your health will get an extra boost, since you won’t dread cleaning as a never-ending task, and therefore you’ll probably do it more often and more diligently.

Image source - Cleaning Services

Image source – Cleaning Services


So, we’ve laid down all the benefits of decluttering your spaces, but ultimately, the choice remains yours. Try out it, and if really works for you, do share your experiences with us. We’d love to hear back from you. Happy cleaning, folks.