DIY of the Week – Gift Bags

October 17th, 2018

The ‘Holiday Season’ is here and upon us in all its glory. Yes, with Garba in full swing, and Ravan knocking at our doors (only to be vanquished, poor lad), it is officially the season of lights, sweets, and yes, of course, gifts. And with family members, and friends, and co-workers to hunt up little knick-knacks for, wouldn’t be nice if you could find a pretty, but cheap way to jazz up your delivery of said gift? Well, don’t worry, over the next few weeks, we’ll help you out with some cool gift wrapping and presenting ideas that will be straight from the heart.

This week, we’re looking to make these pretty and vibrant gift bags. And the best part? You can make these in various sizes and colors, and well in advance (you can even start now), and just stick in the gift once you buy it, instead of painstakingly wrapping each individual item last minute. So let’s begin!


Image Source - Gift Ideas

Image Source – Gift Ideas


What you need:

1. Wrapping paper (we suggest using actual the paper sheets, not only are they sturdier than the plastic wrap ones, they’re also more eco-friendly)

2. Scissors

3. Tape or glue

4. Hole puncher

5. Ribbon or Jute string


What to do:

Step 1

Lay the decided size of paper design side down. Now fold in one side towards the center, and the fold the other side with a little overlapping on the first fold. Tape to hold in place as in the photo.

Image Source

Image Source


Step 2

Now fold over the bottom section. This is the part we will convert into our bag’s base.

Image Source

Image Source


Step 3

Separating the edges of the folded over bottom edge from the center, fold in the sides as shown in the photo below.

Image Source - Pinterest

Image Source – Pinterest


Step 4

Now take the protruding sections one at a time, and fold the first down towards the center line, folding the other one up, slightly overlaying it to strengthen grip. Tape along the joint.

Image Source

Image Source


Step 5

Open out the bag, and now fold inwards lightly the side sections (you might have seen these folds in all paper bags). These will help your bag maintain shape.

Image Source - City Kitty

Image Source – City Kitty


Step 6

Take the hole puncher and punch two equidistant holes for your handles in each of the wider top sections of your bag. Cut two lengths of ribbon or string to make your handles. Knot the end of one ribbon or string, pull it outwards from one hole and back into the other of the same side, knotting from the inside. Repeat on the other side.

Image Source - The Penny Hoarder

Image Source – The Penny Hoarder


And there you go! Your handmade gift bag is all ready!


Pro Tip:

You can make super kitschy looking bags by being creative with your choice of paper. You can use handmade or textured paper, your very own handmade marbled paper (remember how we learned how to here), jazz up plain paper with paints, washi tape, or bows, and even use the comic section of newspapers (looks real good too). It’s all up to your imagination!

Image Source -

Image Source –


Happy gifting!


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