DIY of the Week – Hand Drum

June 25th, 2018

It’s official! The last week of June is upon us. And so is our weekly, easy-to-do DIY for the week.

This cute little hand drumĀ is sure to perk up not just your mood, but your week too!


Image source - Moms & Crafters

Image source – Moms & Crafters


What you will need:

- A cardboard tube (Pringles cannister is ideal)

- Craft knife

- Wooden stick or dowel. (You can use a large paintbrush stick if you can’t find that)

- A single hole puncher

- Decorative tape, washi tape, or paints/colors

- 2 balloons, ideally large size

- Duct tape

- Ribbon or string

- Large wooden beads, or other decorative

- Strong glue

- Scissors


What you need to do:

Step 1

Take your craft knife and cut the canister about an inch or inch and half from the top.

Image source - Moms & Crafters

Image source – Moms & Crafters


Step 2

Now paint over the sides or cover it with fancy tape. Use your imagination on how fancy of you want it to look.


Step 3

Take your wooden stick/dowel/paintbrush and cut it or break it to the required size.


Step 4

Punch a hole through the side of the canister. Try to keep in the center of the height. Increase the size of the hole (if required) to fit the wooden stick. You can use either the craft knife, or the scissors, depending on what you are more comfortable with.


Step 5

Now put the stick in the hole, inserting the broken or cut-off end. Once you have put it in, secure it with strong glue and leave to dry completely before proceeding.

Image source - Moms & Crafters

Image source – Moms & Crafters


Step 6

Cut off the neck of the balloon. Now tape a section of the balloon on the bottom edge and stretch the balloon over the entire opening of the section you’ve been working on. Make sure to stretch it nice and tight, so that there are no rolls or ridges in the stretch over rubber.


Step 7

Now secure it in place with duct tape (there are colored or decorative duct tapes available in the market. Feel free to use those if you don’t want to use the standard black or brown tape)


Step 8

Poke a hole in both sides of the drum, put in the edge of your string/ribbon, and tie a couple of knots on the inside of the drum to secure the piece in place, followed by a knot on the outside as well.


Step 9

Add the beads, and cut the ribbon/string to the desired length, knotting it at the end to secure the beads in place. Do this on both sides.

Image source - Kiwico

Image source – Kiwico


Step 10

Now seal the open side of the drum with the other balloon, following the same procedure as the first side.


Step 11

Decorate the protruding part of the stick with tape or paints. You can even use sketch pens to lightly create designs on the stretched part of the balloon too if you so wish. (But remember to use the nibs softly, so as not to puncture the balloon)

Image source - Pretty Prudent

Image source – Pretty Prudent


And voila! You’re all done. Happy drumming!


Image source - Genius Premium

Image source – Genius Premium


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