Emulating Greatness: Best Covers of Rahman Songs

Recently, one of the biggest and most revered musicians in our country celebrated his birthday and the internet was full of tributes commemorating his work. We are talking about A. R. Rahman’s work obviously and we must say, some dedications were really, really fabulous. While surfing the net for some of his songs, we came across a couple of covers of Rahman songs that were amazing! So, to do our bit to celebrate this celebrated musician, we’ve listed out these priceless finds in this article. Happy Listening!

Jiya Jale – Berkeley Indian Ensemble

The song is so melodious that you cannot help but sing along every time it plays, at least the chorus part! The Berkeley Indian Ensemble performs this song in their own way, by adding a few more instruments and layered vocals to enrichen this song further. We must say, this version is just delightful!

Jai Ho – Alaa Wardi & Peter Hollens

This is a magical find! Although both these singers do not speak Hindi, they’ve done a really great job with the song. Also, the performance is an acapella one, so you can imagine how awesome it’s going to be!

Evolution of A R Rahman – Voctronica

An unbelievable acapella mashup. This young, but already quite popular, band performs a fab acapella mashup of some of Rahman’s most-loved songs!

Khwaja – Thaikuddam Bridge

This Kerela-based band is gaining much popularity and fan following in the indie circuit. Watch them perform a very melodious version of Rahman’s ‘Khwaja Mere Khwaja.’ They infuse the song with a soft rock edge for a unique touch.

Zariya – Coke Studio

No, this isn’t a cover version, but an original composition by Mr. Rahman himself. This Goosebumps-giving song combines Nepalese lyrics with traditional Jordanian music, seamlessly woven together by Rahman’s genius. It’s a must-listen!