Gifts from the Heart

July 4th, 2018

No matter who you are, or where you are, you definitely have people in your life. Whether it’s family or friends, colleagues or classmates, people play an essential role in your day-to-day living. And with people, of course, come the celebrations.

The more people you have in your life, the more celebrations that you will take part in. Just think about it – for every association you make with another person, that person brings with him or herself a birthday, maybe a wedding anniversary, or even just a friendversary (as Facebook likes to call them) with you. And of course with celebrations, come the gifts. Because let’s admit it, what’s a¬†celebration¬†without a gift?

Now this is great when you’re at the receiving end of this little scenario, but what about all the 364 days when it’s not your birthday, and probably someone else’s? What should you get for you Mom? Or your cubicle buddy at work? Or your gym trainer? What about your significant other?

Here’s a list of ideas for options that aren’t the typical off-to-the-gift-store-to-buy-a-generic-card type. And if you see a trend of make-it-yourself options, that’s because they really are the best options. Not only are they cheaper than buying a random but expensive knick knack from a store, they also make sure that your gift stands out from the rest.


1. A card

No, no. Don’t breathe a sigh of relief here. We DO NOT mean go and buy one from a store. We’re talking about making one. You know, like you used to do in school? (But hopefully a bit prettier). Get some handmade paper with a flair of character, dig out those old watercolors (or craft paper and glue, if drawing or painting isn’t your thing), and get going. Make sure to put a nice, personal message inside, and there you have it.

Image source – Handmade Cards


2. A handmade gift

Since we’re already on the point of hand making things, this is one to note. Depending on your level of artistry as well as how much of time you are willing to commit, you can make something easy and less time consuming, or something intricate and delicate. It’s entirely up to you. And with easy access to interest and millions of sites and blogs dedicated to do-it-yourself projects and hand made gifts and crafts, the ideas and options are endless. Find something that resonates with the interests of the person you are making the gift for (something music related for a musician or music aficionado, jewelry for your sister or girlfriend,

Image source - Etsy

Image source – Etsy


3. A playlist

We know, this one sounds weird, but trust us, it’s a wonderful way to show someone how you think of them. Create a playlist of songs that remind you of that particular person. Seriously, think how jazzed you would feel if someone did this for you? It’s sweet, and completely personal, and the best thing is, if you’re not the crafty type you needn’t worry. There’s no getting your hands dirty with this one!

Image source – iMore


4. Coupons

Hilarious though it seems, we’re not talking about coupons from a newspaper, or those you find online for shopping. We’re talking about making your own coupons for a loved one. You could have one offering to make a meal, one for a date or shopping trip, maybe another for taking on a house chore for a week. Use your imagination, and create a set of these that suit your relation, and you have an easy, personalized gift ready that gives them something truly valuable – your time.

Image source - Elle's Studio

Image source – Elle’s Studio



So you see, it’s not that hard to personalize a gift. And the best thing, you can pretty much guarantee that the person you’re giving the gift will truly treasure it. After all, who doesn’t want to get a gift that is completely unlike anything else in the world!


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