Kala Ghoda 2016 – Spreading the Message of Unity!

This year’s theme is ‘Without Borders’ and the installations bring out this theme beautifully. While some point at spatial borders others speak of more intangible ones, like the borders between people, mindsets and internal beliefs that alienate us from each other. However, if there was one message that seemed  to emanate from every installation, it was the message of unity and the need to stay united in this heavily divided world! Here are some gorgeous installations we spotted. Enjoy!


Kala Ghoda was peppered with many such installations that required the viewer to glance at the image through a screen, for only then could one spy the shape of the face hidden in the installation.


This installation reminded us of the Kangana Renaut scene in the movie ‘Queen!’


One of the more vibrant paintings at the festival


This mammoth globe exposed pressing problems being faced in various regions of the world.


Titled ‘Mumbai Beyond,’ this colorful infinity shaped installations had these perfectly-crafted 3D figures stuck all around.


This was one of the most powerful installations on display. Titles ‘Betrayed,’ it aimed to draw attention to the problem of Child sexual abuse. The installation highlights the helplessness of a child, exploited by the very hands that are supposed to protect him.


A girl strikes a pose at one of the installations. Although people often grumble about how many never stop to read the concept notes and busy themselves only with picture-clicking, it’s still nice that the general public get to interact with an artist’s work at such close quarters!


Made entirely out of wire mesh, this installation sought to highlight the borders that divide nations, spaces and people.


This ‘best out of waste’ display spoke about the transformative power of unity. The installations was made entirely of metal parts collected from various machines.


Dozens of teapots and cutting chai glasses lie suspended in the air. We couldn’t really figure out what the installation was supposed to mean, but it was very unique and colorful.


This was one of the most patronized installations in the area. Titled ‘Shed your Labels’  it invited people to tie pick up a label they’ve been teased with, and tie it to a huge label tree. There were options like bossy, ugly, gay, atheist, dark, weak, manly, addict, outsider, etc.


Gorgeous paper flowers mingle with real leaves in one of the installations.



This rainbow colored installation hinted at equality and the right to enjoy love and companionship, irrespective of gender, color, nationality and sexual preference.



An interesting light installation at Cross Maidan


Another interactive installation at Cross Maidan, it invited people to hold a mask in front of their face. Every time someone did this, the screens would come alive with people making different expressions.

Well, Kala Ghoda 2016 really was amazing and we urge y’all to go view all these wonderful installations yourself!