Not Without My Coffee! Famous Coffee Addicts You Didn’t Know About

Of all the addictions out there, if there’s one that’s looked upon lightly, favorably even, it’s addiction to the good ol’ cuppa Joe! This bitter delight is potent, but soothing and can warm your soul like nothing else can. For many of us, it’s impossible to get the day, or for that matter, get anything started without paying our respects to a trusty cup of coffee. Some of us like it with a dollop of cream, some are partial to extra cubes of sugar, while some like it without either of these. But, no matter what your preference is, if you can’t function without a boost of coffee, you can proudly call yourself a coffee addict.

If this opening has sent you into denial mode, don’t go there just yet, for some very important and talented people have sworn by this stimulating drink. You’ll be astonished at the names our list of Creative Coffee-heads throws up, so do read on to be pleasantly surprised and delighted!

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French Enlighten writer Voltaire had a serious coffee addiction and consumed anywhere between 40-50 cups of coffee a day. A bitter-sweet combination of coffee and chocolate was what rocked his boat. Maybe it was all the caffeine that helped him come up with those scathing observations on the Catholic Church.

David Lynch

Maverick director David Lynch relies on a minimum of 4-7 cups of coffee to get his creative juices flowing. He’s even featured the beverage in his movies and TV show.

Benjamin Franklin

Franklin was a coffee shop freelancer who relied on his favourite café to conduct political meetings, play chess and spend time chatting with friends.

Johann Sebastian Bach

The baroque composer was so much in love with coffee that he composed a song about his favourite beverage titled the Coffee Cantata. The song pokes fun at the way society regarded coffee back then, which was as a dangerous societal vice!

Honore de Balzac

Novelist and playwright Balzac drank up to 50 cups of coffee in a day. After he developed a tolerance for the beverage, he took to eating pure coffee grounds!

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