NSPA at Bandstand! Another Venue in our Kitty.

People went about their business as usual. A group of aunties sat discussing their affairs on a bench nearby, joggers trotted along the promenade and lovers sat arm in arm, drinking in the gorgeous sunset and the sweet nothings of their partners.

Suddenly, a loud voice broke through the mundaneness;

“Arre aao aao, naatak dekho!”

The appeal grew louder and louder with more voices joining in, along with the beatings of a dafli. People began to take notice. A few curious bystanders began to inch closer to the spot where the noise seemed to be emanating from. Then, more people followed suit. Soon, a decent crowd had gathered around the four individuals making the racket. These four individuals weren’t troublemakers or anything, they were our artists. J Naatakwaale, our theatre group delivered their first Bandstand performance yesterday!






Yes, NSPA has bagged a new venue and it’s none other than the beautiful and scenic Bandra, Bandstand. Our artists will perform there every Wednesday and Saturday, from 6 – 9 pm.

For our debut run, we had Naatakwaale perform a street play on cleanliness. Following this, artists Saurabh and Manoj put up a Punjabi folk performance (their playing caught the attention of a patrolling policeman and even he stopped by for a while to enjoy the music) and then, our folk fusion band ‘Folk Mast’ put up a rocking folksy performance at the venue.


Even though it was our first performance here, our artists managed to draw quite a big audience. It was a pleasure to perform for these fine folk, who clapped, sang and laughed along. We look forward to putting up talented performances here, week after week, so that we can move closer to achieving our objective, which is making art freely available to all!