NSPA takes part in MTV’s Junkyard Project!

Being an organization dedicated to supporting the arts, we like to keep our doors open to all kind of artists, practicing all kind of art forms. Last week, we got a wonderful opportunity to work with a talented fine artist – Gayatree Joshi, thanks to the Save Aarey Community’s efforts. Gayatree Joshi is a cartoonist, wall-muralist and painter who enjoys sprucing up places in the city with her artwork. She also believes in the therapeutic power of art and so, uses it as a tool to help out underprivileged youth and children. Her Paint For A Cause initiative sees her train budding artists and with their help, beautify ignored spaces in the city, like slums, municipal schools and railway stations. To know more about her initiative, visit her Facebook page. Gayatree Joshi, now an NSPA artist, was invited to paint a section of the Aarey amphitheater, as part of MTV’s Junkyard project, conducted in association with Save Aarey Community. The aim was to clean and renovate the space to make it public friendly. 25 other artists too were invited to fill the space with their artwork. Along with this, a group of volunteers got busy cleaning the space and worked tirelessly for hours collecting litter and sweeping the area. Here are some photographs from the event. 1