Popular Culture surrounding Easter

April 17th, 2019

Unless you’re Christian or have read up about it, Easter for most people is just another holiday, as is Good Friday. In fact, it’s actually not unheard of that people have actually wished others a Happy Good Friday only to be met with weird looks. Because in fact, Good Friday isn’t so much a day to be celebrated  but rather one on which to reflect on those who sacrifice for our betterment. So what’s going on here, and most importantly, what do bunnies have to do with this story?

Well, to keep it absolutely simple, Good Friday is the day to commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. He sacrificed himself because of his love for and belief in all humankind. As the story goes, he was buried on this day (hence the lack of celebration). Easter, which falls on Sunday, is to commemorate his resurrection, going on to prove the belief that he is in fact the Son of God.

But religious beliefs aside, Easter has grown to include many traditions over the years all across the world, that have very little to do with crucifixions and resurrections. The most popular of these are Easter eggs (and their painting), egg hunts, egg rolling, and of course, the Easter Bunny.


Easter Eggs

Traditionally made with actual eggs that have been emptied, they are now available in the market in a variety of materials, including plastic, specifically for the purpose of painting Easter eggs. Often carried out as a family activity or even classroom activity in schools, groups of kids get together to paint and decorate eggs to prepare for the hunt. (Want to learn how to paint your own eggs? Head here for a quick and easy tutorial).

Image source - Typically Simple

Image source – Typically Simple


Easter Egg Hunt

Traditionally, eggs are hidden around the garden or the house early morning on Easter Sunday, and once they children wake up, they are each handed a wicker basket and tasked with finding as many eggs as possible. Some families often host an Egg Hunt for all the kids in the neighbourhood, and sometimes these are turned into complex hunts featuring puzzles and clues to solve.

Image source - Kidtivity.com

Image source – Kidtivity.com


Egg Rolling

Traditionally done with children rolling eggs down a hillside, now these are often done on any park or house lawn. As in a race, each child is given an egg and a long stick or spoon with which to push or roll the egg towards the finish line. This is so popular that the President of the United States hosts an Easter Sunday Egg Roll every year on the White House lawns for children.

Image source - Las Vegas Review Journal

Image source – Las Vegas Review Journal


Easter Bunny

A typical association with Easter is now the bunny, often sitting with or in a basket full of colored eggs. Though there are many (really, many) versions and ideas as to why bunnies are associated with Easter, we’re not sticking with any one of them. Too unverifiable. Instead, we’ll just sit here and enjoy the cuteness. Just like the Christmas Tree and Santa Claus, we’re not interested in arguing about why or where. We just want the Easter Bunny to bring us a big basket of egg-shaped chocolates.

Image source - Reader's Digest

Image source – Reader’s Digest


Wish you all a very Happy Easter! May you feel renewed and ready to take charge of healthy changes!


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