QTube Events for the Week (Oct 29-Nov 4)

October 25th, 2018

“Knock Knock”

“Who’s there?”


“Owls who?”

“Yeah, they do”


Now that we’ve started your week off with a bad joke, the good news is that your week can only get better from here! So here’s to happy, if silly, week!


Dr. Rahul Sharma (AGEAC)

THE YOGA OF THE SLEEP – Dreams have orientated life of great men and women of all times.They can also orientate your life. You will learn an easy technique to remember all your oneiric experiences and afterwards tou will learn to interpret those experiences correctly. web- www.ageac.org/en or ph-9868453843

Date: 30 October 2018

Time: 6 pm to 8 pm

Entry: FREE


World Art Branding Conclave

This Workshop is called “HOW TO USE AND BRAND YOUR ARTWORKS ON SOCIAL MEDIA”. In this Special session, We will share Strategies, Principles, and Procedures that successful artists use to brand themselves on social media, & You will also learn a Step by Step process of how to create a successful professional artistic social media pages.

Date: 2 November 2018

Time: 11 am to 7 pm

Entry: FREE



#Find Your Inner Rhythm – Come! Drum! Come explore the power of Rhythm Therapy. Very effective with depression, anxiety, anger, ADHD. Exploring Rhythm therapeutically has shown to be very effective with treating PTSD, and dealing with the other effects of trauma and abuse. The ticket price is a suggested contribution only.

Date: 3 November 2018

Time: 11 am to 1:30 pm

Entry: Rs. 725/-



Irshaad – 17th Poetry Open Mic. No Entry Charges!! Free & open for all. Any Language…Any Genre…We are all ears :) BUT! Specifically – NO Bad Words or Hate Speech would be tolerated.

Date: 3 November 2018

Time: 4 pm to 9:45 pm

Entry: FREE


Empire Educare

Boost Your Business with YouTube, Udemy, Skillshare etc. Learn how to create engaging, trending videos for your business or self to achieve growth and profit. Understand what goes behind the scenes and how you can take a pie of this ever growing online world.

Date: 4 November 2018

Time: 11 am to 1:30 pm

Entry: FREE



The workshop aims to introduce basic strokes, techniques and make everyone enjoy brush lettering. Brush lettering is so on trend right now and we’re so excited to bring you this workshop. We’ll teach you from basic to advance level techniques just bring your creative self and let’s have lettering party.

Date: 4 November 2018

Time: 2 pm to 6:30 pm

Entry: Rs. 1500


Have a great week!


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