Spreading Christmas Cheer!

Father Christmas’s favorite season is just around the corner and we’ve already started hunting for our Christmas tree and Santa hats. Since we’re so excited, we decided to spread some holiday cheer among our readers too so that we all feel Christmassy and jolly! How do we do this? By sharing with y’all some really awesome Christmas videos we came across on the internet. Some of them are beautiful and some will leave you in splits. So do go ahead and check out these videos and let the festive spirit seep into your consciousness!

The Largest Live Nativity!

If you aren’t feeling very Christmassy yet, this video will put you right in the mood. Featuring some of the best singers and choir groups like Jon Schmidt, David Archuleta, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and The Piano Guys, this video presents one of the most moving choir versions of the song ‘Angels we have heard on High.’ Also, it presents a live nativity scene with 1,039 people coming together to make this video. This video set a new world record for the largest Live Nativity!

Spreading Holiday Fear

If that video was too ‘emo’ for you, here’s something that’ll put a big grin back on your face. What do you think happens when there’s a huge, evil-looking snowman stationed on a sidewalk? Well, watch to find out!

Singing Diners!

We ourselves have done a couple of flash mobs and know that they can be a lot of fun. Unsuspecting pedestrians are taken by surprise and before they know it, the crowd disperses and people go back to doing their business. Here’s a similar flash mob that broke out in a mall abroad. But the effect of the flash mob was deeply felt by all!

Well, we hope these videos have made you feel a tad bit Christmassy. Watch out for our Christmas performances and videos too to make your festive season melodious and happy!