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Strange Sculptures from Around the World

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

The sculptures that find their way into museums are usually elegant and beautiful to look at. Proportionate bodies support attractive faces and an other-worldly charm emanates from these lifeless forms. But, there are artists who aren’t fans of conventional standards of beauty. They use their talent to shock and startle viewers. Here are some really bizarre statues from around the world!

Goslar Nailhead, Germany

This creepy statue is situated in front of the Town Hall in Goslar, Germany. Sculpted by Rainer Kriester in 1981, it is said to act as an allegory of being at the mercy of overwhelming powers. No wonder the nails pierce the head is such a brutal fashion!

99 wow

Giant Hand, Chile

Four fingers and a thumb stick out of the desert sands in Atacama. Depending on how you see it, the hand appears to be reaching out to the sky or sinking to the bottom of the earth. This 11 meter tall gigantic hand was built by Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal in the early 1980s.


The Awakening, National Harbour

An over 70 foot tall giant appears to struggle to extricate himself from his sandy prison. As though frozen in a photograph, his partially-freed body sticks out of the earth. His fingers are curled and his mouth hangs open in a silent scream. It seems as though he would come charging at us if he did succeed in fleeing his subterranean prison. The sculpture was created in 1980 by J. Seward Johnson, Jr.

The Awakening sculpture, National Harbor, Maryland.

The Giant Eyeball, Dallas

Chicago-based artist Tony Tasset created this veined eyeball as a symbol of knowledge and power. The sculpture is 30 feet tall and has been made from fiberglass, resin, oil paint, and steel.

michael cagle

Image courtesy: Michael Cagle

The Headington Shark, Oxford

Designed by sculptor John Buckley, the shark is said to “express someone feeling totally impotent and ripping a hole in their roof out of a sense of impotence and anger and desperation… It is saying something about CND, nuclear power, Chernobyl and Nagasaki.” The sculpture was installed on the 41st anniversary of the Nagasaki atom bomb drop.

the guardian

Image courtesy: The Guardian