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DIY of the Week – Homemade Mosquito Repellant Candles

Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

The rains aren’t that great a time for everyone. While long walks in the rain, and road trips with friends are great, rushing to office in the pouring rain, mold in the house, and uninvited buzzing visitors sure do put a damper on things. And if you have “sweet” blood (like some of us), the vampires come out in droves to bleed you dry!

Image Source - Consumer reports

Image Source – Consumer reports

But what if you could easily thwart the little monsters from eating you alive, and leaving your body looking like an alien attack? All you need are some simple ingredients and a floating candle, and you can bid those mosquitos goodbye!


What you need:

1. Mason jars

2. Floating candles

3. Lemons

4. Limes

5. Basil

6. Lemongrass essential oil

Image Source - Fun365

Image Source – Fun365


What to do:

Step 1

Slice one lemon and one lime. If they are large ones, you should be able to use them for two candles, if they are small ones, one each can be used for each candle.

Image Source - One Essential Community

Image Source – One Essential Community


Step 2

After adding slices of each to the mason jar(s), add some sprigs of basil on top. Follow this up by filling up the jar with water up to the neck of the jar.

Image Source - One Essential Community

Image Source – One Essential Community


Step 3

Now add about 10-15 drops of the lemongrass oil, and stir the jar contents lightly.

Image Source - The Crowned Goat

Image Source – The Crowned Goat


Step 4

Add the candle to the top, and light it up.

Image Source - PopSugar

Image Source – PopSugar


Now all you have left to do is to enjoy your time free of mosquitos!


Have a great week!