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Which Coffee Would You Like?

Monday, January 27th, 2020

Ever catch yourself in a coffee shop, staring at the menu, wondering why ordering a simple coffee has to feel like such a task? I mean, it’s coffee. Why are there 47 variants on the board? Why are you being asked if you want a single or double shot? What does it all mean??

Don’t worry. We feel you. So, as the ever supportive buddies (and coffee lovers) that we are, we’ll help you sort out between cappuccino, espresso, latte, and every other variant leaving you cross-eyed.


1. Espresso

Since it’s often the beginning of most coffee options, we’ll start with this. An espresso (often wrongly pronounced as expresso), is a highly concentrated coffee made by forcing near boiling water and steam through finely ground coffee. A single or double shot is basically a single shot or double shot of espresso. 

Image Source - Caffe Society

Image Source – Caffe Society


2. Americano

This is basically an espresso shot (or two), with the same amount of hot water added to it.



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3. Macchiato

A Macchiato is an espresso with a bit of milk added to it.

Image Source - Pinterest

Image Source – Pinterest


4. Cappuccino

A Cappuccino is made with a 1:1:1 ratio of espresso, steamed milk, and foam. This is also the one that you’ll find on social media posts the most, since the foam floating at the top makes a perfect base for creative designs.

Image Source - YouTube

Image Source – YouTube


5. Latte

Very similar to a cappuccino, expect there’s more milk, and less foam. Basically, it would be espresso and steamed milk in a 1:2 ratio, topped with a bit of foam.

Image Source - Nespresso

Image Source – Nespresso


6. Cafe Mocha

A latte mixed with either chocolate syrup or hot chocolate.

Image Source - UB foody

Image Source – UB foody


Now that you know the basics of which type of coffee means what, we hope you can not only find it easier to order your cup, but maybe even help out that one other person in line stuck saying “Yeah, I just want coffee. Like regular coffee”.

Coffee Quiz: How well do you know your favorite beverage?

Thursday, April 19th, 2018

Do you proclaim coffee to be the only beverage that can brighten up your day? Do you believe it can put a smile on your face? Do you claim to know at least three different ways to prepare your daily brew? If your answer to these three questions is a resounding ‘yes!’ then you’re surely a die-hard coffee lover. But, do you really know your favourite beverage as well as you think you do? Here’s a quick quiz to check your coffee IQ and EQ. How many of these can you get right?

(Answers at the end of the quiz. Don’t cheat!)

  1. Where was coffee first discovered?

coffee plantation


Image courtesy: Pinterest


  • Ethiopia
  • Turkey
  • Brazil
  • Columbia
  1. Where do you find coffee beans?

top indonasia holidays


Image courtesy: top Indonesian holidays

  • On the bush
  • On vines
  • On trees
  • At the roots of the coffee plant
  1. What is the colour of a ripe coffee bean?

special places of costa rica


Image courtesy: Special places of Costa Rica

  • Black
  • Green
  • Red
  • Brown
  1. How large is a shot of espresso?

caffeine informer


Image courtesy: Caffeine informer

  • 30 ml
  • 35 ml
  • 37 ml
  • 40 ml
  1. What type of coffee is equal parts espresso, steamed milk and foam?



Image courtesy: Youtube

  • Cappuccino
  • Flat white
  • Latte
  • Macchiato
  1. A cappuccino is called so because it’s colour resembles:

crypt gallery


Image courtesy: Crypt gallery

  • The walls of the Capuchin crypt in Rome
  • The robes of Capuchin monks
  • The colour of the fur of the Capuchin monkey
  • The Italian puccino meaning “light brown one”


1. Ethiopia

2. On the bush

3. Red

4. 30 ml

5. Capuccino

6. The robes of Capuchin monks

Has this quiz made you thirsty for coffee? Step in to QTube Cafe and enjoy a warm cuppa Joe for free! You can also pull out a book from our well-stocked library shelf to go with your coffee.