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DIY of the Week – Castanets

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

We’re back to start off your week creatively! And in keeping with our recent string of handmade musical instruments (well, except for the slight deviation last week), we’re back with another super easy instrument DIY.

This week, we explore the ease, simplicity, and total fun that are castanets! And if you’re wondering what a castanet is, these are the clickety-clackety little instruments you’ll often see in the hands of flamenco dancers.

Image source – Spoj

Image source – Dreamstime


What you need:

  1. Several pairs of metal bottle caps (the kind you get on glass bottles of soda)
  2. Cardboard sheet to cut into pieces
  3. Scissors
  4. Markers or sketch pens to make your designs
  5. Strong glue
  6. Rubber bands
  7. Craft paper and glue, if you want to decorate your castanets more intricately
Image source - Kygo

Image source – Kygo



What to do:

Step 1

Measure the length of your index finger and cut the cardboard into pieces that measure twice that length, making them approximately one and half inch wide.

Image source - DIY Enthusiasts

Image source – DIY Enthusiasts


Step 2

Round off the edges of your cardboard strip.


Step 3

Create intricate designs with your markers towards the two rounded off edges. (If you are gluing on craft paper instead of drawing directly on the cardboard itself, try folding it in half as in the next step, before cutting and gluing the paper on).

Image source – YouTube


Step 4

Fold the cardboard piece in half, length-wise, and place a bottle cap on one of the inside edges, about half centimeter from the end. (Make sure the sharp edged side is the one against the cardboard.) Glue it on. Then repeat with another bottle cap on the other inside edge, gluing it in place. Make sure that the caps are aligned with each other when hold the fold closed.

Image source - DIY Inspired

Image source – DIY Inspired


Step 5

Hold the cardboard in the closed position, with the bottle caps touching each other, and tie it with a rubber band, and leave overnight, so that the glue may dry.


Step 6

Remove the rubber band, and voila!



Your castanets are ready for you to enjoy! And as promised, they were super easy to make. So go, make some more! Try out different designs, different cardboard lengths, or widths. Till next week! Enjoy irritating your neighbors till then. Happy clicking and clacking!


Image source - YouTube

Image source – YouTube