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Simple Ways to Show Your Patriotism

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

India celebrates her Independence Day every year on 15th August, and as such, every single person, for one day, becomes patriotic. They sing songs about the country, watch movies about the spirit of India, wear traditional clothing, and celebrate as a community, all while saluting the flag. And that’s wonderful. But what happens on the 16th? Nothing. Everyone goes back to their regular lives, and probably won’t think about all this right upto the 26th of January. Till then, our ‘patriotism’ goes on hold.

But what if we told you that you could be more patriotic, show love and respect towards your country, all in your everyday life? And traditional wear and flags have nothing to do with it. It’s about you and your civic sense towards not just your country, but also towards your fellow citizens, and even yourself.

So here are five ways you can serve your country, and make her a better place:


1.  Obey the laws of the land

Yup. All of them. That means that you should follow traffic rules like wearing your seatbelt or helmet, wait till the signal turns green before you cross, have a valid license, all of it. It also means that you should pay your taxes (on time), file for the necessary licences for your tasks/business, and drink alcohol responsibly.


Image source - Steemit

Image source – Steemit

2. Vote

This is probably one of the most important tools given to any citizen as one turns an adult – the power to vote. You have the power to decide where the future of the country is heading, and it is a responsibility that you need to both acknowledge as well as fulfill. Make sure you register for voting, and when the time comes around, go out and cast that vote, whichever way you feel is right.


Image source - Yoko Miwa

Image source – Yoko Miwa

3. Be open to all religions and communities

One of the first things you must’ve learnt in your civics class is that one of India’s biggest strengths is it’s Unity in Diversity. With a culture that is a culmination of various states, traditions, religions, languages, dialects, and backgrounds, all coming together. Isn’t that what makes India so wonderful and colorful? It’s high time we started celebrating our differences instead of fighting over them.


Image source - Fireball Securitas

Image source – Fireball Securitas

4. Invest in social work and charities

By invest, we don’t necessarily mean money. You can easily invest your time and energy into social work too. But whatever you do, never lose sight of the fact that if you are doing well in life, there’s also someone out there who isn’t. And if India is to succeed as a country, all it’s people need to succeed too. You can donate to charities, or volunteer with NGOs. From old age homes, where you can give company and some much needed stimulating conversation, to animal shelters caring for the forgotten ones, there are endless options. And if you are pressed for time, and cannot do something of the kind on a regular basis, you can assist in occasional projects that come up now and again. A regular requirement at exam time is for writers for blind and handicapped students. The options are many, you just need to figure out what will give you the most happiness.

Image source - Google Sites

Image source – Google Sites

5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This one is not only easy to do, it’s a change you bring about in your every day life that will bring a genuine difference to not only the country you belong to, but also to the environment as a whole. Reduce the amount of waste you produce, and try to use as many eco-friendly, responsibly sourced, sustainable products. Reuse the products you do own. If it’s not possible to reuse them in the same way they were meant to be used, find a way to repurpose them. Old clothes can be turned into everything from cleaning rags to bags, depending on your level of creativity. Milkshake bottles make not only great, non-plastic, water bottles, they can even be used as vases. And finally, recycle. Whether it is old newspapers and magazines, shampoo bottles, or even rubber tyres, it can all be recycled.

Image source -

Image source –

All of these points might seem too minor to make a difference, but the truth is that each and every one of us makes up this country. We, as a whole, define and shape what India is. So how each of us conducts ourselves really does make a difference to the whole. After all, each drop of water is responsible for making up the ocean as a whole. Let’s make our country great by first being great citizens ourselves. Happy Independence Day!

India Quiz

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

We all love our country, but how much do we really know about India? While it’s true that we learned the basics in school, such as the names of states and their capitals, water bodies, a little bit of history, most of us hardly went beyond our school syllabus to do any discovering all on our own. And as we grew older, we all eventually got caught up in the same old story – higher education, jobs, marriage, family, retirement. And if you ever ask anyone about their ideal vacation spot, chances are, most people will name a foreign location. But why? India is diverse, beautiful, and most of all, waiting for you to discover her. So let’s see how much you know about her, with a quiz about facts about India.

As always, the answers are at the end, but you won’t peek and cheat, will you? No, we know you won’t. Ready, steady, go!


Q.1 The highest cricket ground (7500 ft above sea level) in the world is in India. Can you name it and where it is?

Image source - TourMyIndia

Image source – TourMyIndia


Q.2 Who wrote the Indian National Anthem, Jana Gana Mana?

Image source - Goodreads

Image source – Goodreads


Q.3 With an altitude of 8,586 meters, which is the highest mountain peak of India?

Image source - Himalayan Exploration

Image source – Himalayan Exploration


Q.4 Five international championships of this game have been held, and India has won all of them. Which sport are we referring to?

Image source - South Street Community

Image source – South Street Community


Q. 5 Switzerland celebrates May 26th as Science Day, to commemorate a visit by which Indian President?

Image source - Dreamstime

Image source – Dreamstime


Q. 6 India has a floating postal office. Where is it?

Image source - inmarathi

Image source – inmarathi


Q.7 Zero was invented by which famous Indian mathematician?

Image source - Quora

Image source – Quora


Q.8 Farrokh Bulsara was born in India, but went on to change his name and become the lead singer for an International band. What name did he take?

Image source - Starts at 60

Image source – Starts at 60


Q.9 The world’s hottest chilli is from India. Can you name it?

Image source -

Image source –


Q.10 What is the national bird of India?

Image source - Indiamart

Image source – Indiamart




download (1)


1. Chail Cricket Ground in Chail, Himachal Pradesh

2. Rabindranath Tagore

3. Kanchenjunga

4. Kabbadi

5. Dr. ABJ Abdul Kalam

6. Dal Lake, Srinagar

7. Aryabhatta

8. Freddie Mercury

9. Bhut Jolokia

10. Peacock


So, how many did you get right? And if you weren’t able to answer at least half of these correctly maybe it’s time to read up a bit about our country. Trust us, India is absolutely fascinating. Try to get to know her a little, we promise she won’t disappoint.