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DIY of the Week – Tangle-Free Earphones

Monday, November 12th, 2018

We love listening to music, and we know you do too! And while you’ll never see any of us travelling without our trusty earphones, we can all agree that they can be a real pain to dig out of a bag, only to have to spend 5 minutes just untangling them.

But what if we told you that you no longer needed to worry about ever having to untangle your earphones ever again!! (And no, the solution is not to just stop using them. We would never suggest that.)

With a little bit of embroidery thread, some patience, not only get to completely customize those earphones, but you also never have to struggle with ‘The Great Untangling Mess’ again! (Well, at least until you change your earphones.)


What you need:

1. Your favorite pair of earphones (you can also do this with headphone or even charger wires)

2. Measuring tape or a ruler

3. Embroidery thread in the colors or shades you prefer (read Step 1 and Pro Tip at the end before purchasing)

4. Tape

5. Clear nail polish (optional, but suggested)

Image Source - Fashionlush

Image Source – Fashionlush


What to do:

Step 1

Measure the length of the entire wire, ensuring that you count each end of the earphones separately. Take at least three times the length of wire measured for each color/shade of thread.

Image Source - Refinery29

Image Source – Refinery29


Step 2

Tape one ear bud, or the end plug to a table’s edge so that it doesn’t shift, leaving both hands free for handling the thread. Select the thread colors you wish to use to create your design (you can use from 2 to 4 complementary or contrasting colors, or even use several shades of the same color). Tie one end of each of the selected threads on the wire and push it all the way to the edge, to ensure a tight weave.

Image Source - wikiHow

Image Source – wikiHow


Step 3

Once ready, fan out the wire and threads from the knot, and taking the first color (placed on the left side), lay it loosely across the wire and other threads, taking it towards the right side, then loop it around them as a bunch, finally bringing it back to the left side by pulling it through the loop created between the starting point and the wire and threads you went around. Keep repeating this with the same thread until you achieve the desired length, before changing colors/shades. To change, simply pull the desired next color’s thread to the extreme left and then begin with that color. Don’t loose patience. It’ll be slow going for the first few knots, but your hands will eventually pick up their own rhythm and speed.

Image source - Pinterest

Image source – Pinterest


Step 4

Once finished, tie off the ends real tight. Make sure that you have taken the knots to the extreme end, to ensure that the weave doesn’t loose tightness.


Step 5

Using clear nail polish, lightly coat the end knots to seal them, so that threads don’t fray or the knots don’t loosen. This will help with ensuring that your weave doesn’t unravel.

Image source - Sarah Skeen

Image source – Sarah Skeen


And voila! You no longer have to untangle your earphone wires ever again!

Image source - campingplatz

Image source – campingplatz


Pro Tip 1:

Instead of using several colors or shades, and alternating between them at regular intervals, you can easily use variegated thread (single thread that has 2 or more colors mixed in) for a cool and effortless design.

Image source - ausbeta.com

Image source – ausbeta.com


Pro Tip 2:

If you want to add a little extra glam to your earphones, you can thread in small charms at regular intervals.

Image source - AliExpress

Image source – AliExpress


Happy Listening!