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DIY of the Week – Felt Christmas Tree Decorations

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

With Christmas just around the corner, even we can’t help getting into the spirit. Along with being a time of celebration and family, it’s also a time for decorations, gifting, and of course, rum cake! And we all do love our rum cake, don’t we?

But we digress. This week’s DIY is right on time for Christmas. We’re making Christmas tree decorations from felt. They’re cute, they’re simple, and you can easily keep them hanging around the house all year long.

Image source - Crafthubs

Image source – Crafthubs


What you need:

1. Felt fabric in the colors of your choice

2. Scissors

3. Needle and thread (of contrasting color from the felt)

4. Cotton for stuffing


What to do:

Step 1

Take the sheet of felt, and cut out a Christmas tree shape. You can use any template you find online, or cut it free hand, but make sure to cut two identical pieces, as these will form the tree hanger.

Image source - Crafted

Image source – Crafted


Step 2

Thread the needle and make simple star-shaped embroidery. Basically, make a plus sign, and super-impose this with a cross sign, as shown in the figure below. Try it a few times on some scrap cloth, then proceed to make some scattered over the cut tree shapes.

Image source - The Spruce Crafts

Image source – The Spruce Crafts


Step 3

Once a sufficient number of star patterns are on the two pieces, stitch closed the edges together, leaving the bottom section open. Through this section, push in the stuffing little by little, till the tree looks slightly padded. Don’t over-stuff it, as it won’t end up looking as delicate as you’d like. Once done, finish off the stitch to close the opening.

Image source - Crafted

Image source – Crafted


Step 4

Make as many more of these as you’d like. You can go for different shapes, different types of embroidery, and even mix it up with layers of felt, for different designs.

Image source - Rickshaw Bazaar

Image source – Rickshaw Bazaar

Image source - FamilyHoliday.net

Image source – FamilyHoliday.net


Happy Tree Decorating!