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Quiz – Study of What?

Friday, November 29th, 2019

Remember when people asked what you wanted to be when you grew up? Remember the confusion as you realized how many options were out there on what career or field you could possibly choose to pursue? As you grew up and settled on a field (or two), you must’ve come to realize as time passed that all those options that you considered as a child were just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many fields of study, and each goes on to have even further classifications and divisions, and specializations, and whatnot. There are experts out there studying everything, from hair, to stars, to microbes, to even eggs. Do you know what the study of any of these fields is called? Take this quiz to find out!


1. Hepatology is the study of:

a. Hepatitis     b. Liver    c. Music     d. Fruits


2. Oncology is the study of:

a. Cancer    b. Birds     c. Eggs     d. Ears


3. Trichology is the study of:

a. Color    b. Eyes    c. Camera    d. Hair


4. Philology is the study of:

a. Philosophy    b. Films     c. Languages    d. Baldness


5. Oneirology is the study of:

a. Dreams   b. Birds    c. Numbers    d. Diseases


6. Pomology is the study of:

a. Sports    b. Fruits    c. Hands    d. Nails


7. Pedology is the study of:

a. Languages    b. Soil     c. Children     d. Feet


8. Ornithology is the study of:

a. Bones    b. Hair    c. Fungi    d. Birds


9. Cosmology is the study of:

a. Universe    b. Cosmetics    c. Stars    d. Comics


10. Nephrology is the study of:

a. Death    b. Toxins    c. Kidney    d. Night






Remember, no peeking!!

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Image Source –

1. (B) Liver

2. (A) Cancer

3. (D) Hair

4. (C) Languages

5. (A) Dreams

6. (B) Frtuis

7. (B) Soil

8. (D) Birds

9. (A) Universe

10. (C) Kidney


How’d you do??