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Spooky Watchlist for Halloween!

Thursday, October 31st, 2019

October 31st might not be that big a deal here as it is in North America (though it certainly seems to be catching on), however, it still does bring about the perfect excuse to curl up with a tub of popcorn and frightful movie. And as total movie buffs, we need to revisit our favorites, and this definitely seems to be the perfect time for that!

Here’s a list of our favorites


1. The Conjuring

If you haven’t seen this one, then we seriously wonder why you’re reading this piece, because you clearly aren’t a fan of horror movies. With its exceptional acting, eery and near-perfect background score, and unexpected frights galore, it is a dream come true for all horror fanatics worldwide.

Image Source - Forbes

Image Source – Forbes


2. Jaws

Did you know more people die from car accidents, plane accidents, even crossing the road, than by shark attacks? No? Don’t care either? This movie is probably why. No matter what anyone says, after this movie came out, it was pretty much guaranteed that only killer ghosts would be considered scarier than a shark attack.

Image Source - The Irish Times

Image Source – The Irish Times


3. A Quiet Place

This is on our list purely because of stellar acting and completely different handling of the horror genre. Sound has always played an integral part in developing feelings of foreboding in any good horror movie, and this movie does the exact opposite of what you expect it to. With the characters having to keep quiet to stay alive, it is the complete silence that creates the foreboding. There are times you want to tell your pounding heart to lower its volume.

Image Source - IndieWire

Image Source – IndieWire


4. The Shining

Jack Nicholson is a masterpiece. There is nothing that needs to be said beyond this. There’s a reason this movie is considered a classic, and we are hardly fools to disagree.

Image Source - Esquire

Image Source – Esquire


5. The Exorcist

We’re not going to bother explaining this one. You know.

Image Source - Response

Image Source – Response


Have a spooky night!

Last Minute Costumes for Trick-or-Treat Time!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

It’s that spooky time of the year! It’s the night when ghosts and witches come out to play with princesses and cowboys. The night of jack-o-lanterns and fake spiders, and lots and lots of candy. While not really an Indian tradition, millennials the country over are lapping it right up, because what’s not to love about dressing up and partying it up with friends (and do we really want to fight such an easy excuse to do so?)

But, we’ll be honest, sometimes the day just sneaks up on us, and before you know it, bam! It’s the end of the work or school day, and you don’t have a costume ready. Oh, what to do? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you convered. Here are some easy ideas for a last minute Halloween party!



One white t-shirt, and one black one. Oh, and a pair of scissors and the willingness to use them. But hey, last minute scrambles for a costume will send you down that path. Holy (Hole-y) costume!

Image source - CouponCabin

Image source – CouponCabin


Chip on Shoulder

If you’re the funny (or pun-ny) type, then this will be right up your alley. And bonus points because it literally just requires any t-shirt, a pack of chips, and some tape. Seriously, that’s it. And you’re guaranteed to get major eye rolls every time you tell people what your costume is. What fun!

Image source - Real Simple

Image source – Real Simple


Bank Robber

Super easy to do. All you need are black pants/jeans, a black and white striped top, a black beanie and a black mask (or just a black stocking with holes cut in for your eyes). Hands up!

Image source - Styletic

Image source – Styletic


Salt and Pepper

If you’re going as a couple, and don’t have a ready idea for either one of you, this one is ridiculously easy. And if you don’t have the fabric paint, don’t worry yourself. Just cut out the letters from black and white chart paper, and stick them on. Tada!

Image source - Pinterest

Image source – Pinterest



This may be cliched, but it truly is in spirit (see what we did there?) with the theme of the night. All you need is an old, plain white bedsheet, and a pair of scissors, and you’re all set.

Image source - The Talon

Image source – The Talon


Happy Spooking!!!!