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Bottle Cap Art Ideas for DIY Enthusiasts

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Glass bottles are infinitely better than plastic bottles. Not only are they fully recyclable but can be recycled multiple times, saving lots of natural resources in the bargain. Glass is also a much safer option when it comes to storing foodstuffs and liquids. However, what delights art lovers the most is the metal caps that come along with these bottles. These old-school sealers are malleable, yet sturdy and can be put to a range of uses. Here are a couple of décor items you can craft from these caps.

Creative Photo Frames

These photo frames have been created by sticking bottle caps along the edges of blackboards. Use a hot glue gun for sticking. The board can be used for making family announcements, movie plans and lots more!

bottle caps 1



Instead of numbers, use quirky bottle caps as markers on your clock. You’ll still be able to tell the time just fine, plus, you’ll have a trendy wall clock at your disposal!

bottle caps 2


Put a Cap on It Coasters

Bottle cap covered coasters are sturdy and are perfect for protecting your wooden furniture from heat and stains. Use cardboard sheets as your base and glue on the caps using a hot glue gun.

bottle caps 6


Say It in Caps Nameplate

Create your own nameplate by spelling your name or family’s name using bottle caps.

bottle caps 4


3D Wall Art

Stick bottle caps in multiple layers to add dimension to your art piece. Voila! Your 3D wall piece is ready.

bottle caps 7

Use Placement Art to Improve Your Photographs

Friday, March 24th, 2017

It’s not hard to become a ‘photographer’ in today’s world. DSLRs have become affordable, and consequently, ubiquitous. If you can’t afford one, there are phones you can invest in. Armed with high-performance cameras, mobile phones are helping photography enthusiasts capture DSLR-grade images quickly, easily and frequently. This explains why our Instagram feed is flooded with fresh images every time we hit the refresh button. But, do these images make good photographs? Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, do they also evoke an emotional response? It’s easy to capture a ‘beautiful’ picture, but difficult to capture a ‘unique’ one. If you want your photographs to stand out, you have to infuse your clicks with intrigue and drama. Here are a few ways to spice up your photographs using placement art.

If you’re good at sketching or doodling, take a leaf out of artist Marty Cooper’s book and use your skills to add an artistic touch to your clicks. Marty sketches cartoon characters on plastic sheets and inserts them into his surroundings.


Image courtesy: Bored Panda

Francois Dourlen, on the other hand, makes use of technology and his imagination to come up with these creative photographs.

bored panda

Image courtesy: Bored Panda

Draw inspiration from these creative librarians who used books to create interesting images. Although their intention was to create awareness about the importance of reading, you can use their technique for a message that’s important to you.


Image courtesy: wallstreetinsanity

Art director Brad Wash has come up with the Emojis IRL Project to show us how important emojis are in our lives.

huffington post

Image courtesy: Huffington Post

Rich McCor (Paperboyo) uses paper cut-outs and his imagination to create intriguing images.


Creative Business Cards for Creative Professions

Friday, March 17th, 2017

When it comes to marketing professional services, business cards are, perhaps, one of the most underrated tools. Although these flimsy, paper-thin promoters make their way into our clients homes and minds quicker than we ever will, we still don’t invest enough thought in their designs. Most of us go the easy way and just slap on our contact details on a colour co-ordinated card and this hardly makes our card standout. With people receiving so many business cards every day, we have to work extra hard to make our card memorable because that’s the only way to catch a client’s attention and interest. Here are some very creative professionals who’ve gone the extra mile when designing their business cards.

Norris Mantooth – Photographer

This brilliant viewfinder business card speaks volumes about the photographer’s creativity!

photographer bored panda


Image courtesy: bored panda

Sandra Martins – Makeup artist

A quirky way to inform people about your profession!

makeup artist


Hair dresser

Hairdresser Marko Stanzl designs hairstyles for her business cards.

hairstylist 2


Hairstylist Yuka Suzuki takes a different, but equally captivating route.



Albert Polyaka – Graphic designer

These ‘Ninja’ cards are perfect to show off your designing skills.

albert polyaka graphic designer


Elena Mirosedina – Artist

A palette is the perfect symbol for art. This artist uses the tool of her trade to communicate her profession.




Make your card look like a cassette, CD or vinyl record!



Get inspired and design a quirky business card of your own!

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Creative Souls

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and while it’s a day that makes some of us happy, it can leave those belonging to The Singles Club feeling lonely and unloved. So, we’re here to spread some cheer and make this day delightful for both lovers and friends. We’ve come up with a list of fun activities to try out, with a special someone or a friend, to make this day a memorable one. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance!

Get Creative!

This Valentine’s Day, instead of giving your better half a store-purchased card, put on your thinking cap and try designing your own Valentine’s Day greeting. If you don’t have a partner, gift your creation to that friend who has supported you through thick and thin. To make the designing process more fun, call your mate or partner over and make cards for each other!

If making cards isn’t fun for you, try your hand at something else like penning a poem or painting a wall together.

Inspiring pretty


Image courtesy: Inspiring Pretty

Take a Class

Do something fun together, but instead of going out for the regular movie, dinner routine, spend time learning something new. Attend a pottery workshop or cooking workshop, or even a candle-making one. To make things more interesting, gift your creations to each other.



Image courtesy: Candlefish

Attend an Event at QTube Café

Organized by Love Matters India, this event invites all to share written pieces, stories and experiences on love, sexuality and identity. If you want to participate or just attend, reach out to Roshan Kokane at or +919819178932.

Please carry along a valid ID card.

Visit the event page for more details:

Watch a Black and White Movie

Instead of watching a movie in a theatre, curl up in bed with your partner and binge on cinema classics. Here are 5 movies you should watch.


Gone with the Wind


Breakfast at Tiffany’s



Hope your Day of Love is a lovely one!

5 DIY Ideas to Jazz up Boring Photo Frames

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Photo frames are better loved than the reticent album because they proudly display your memories to all who set eyes on them. Complete with fold-able stands and easy to hang hooks, these boastful objects can be easily placed on your wall or desk or shelf. But, because of their value, photo frames are often sold at exorbitant prices. Just a bit of glitter or an extra rose can jack up the price by a couple of hundred rupees. Why let these easy-to-make objects burn a hole in your pocket, right? With a bit of patience and dedication, you can design your own photo frames, and guess what, they can be infinitely more creative than the ones you purchase from stores. Here are 5 ingenious ideas to add that extra something to your homemade frame.

Bottle cap frames

If you’re a beer lover, you’re sure to end up popping open a couple of bottles every month. Instead of discarding the caps, collect them in a box and after you’ve built up a decent collection, use these caps to decorate wooden frames. Use a hot glue gun to stick these caps on the borders of the frame in creative patterns.

bottle cap

craft ideas info


Circuit board frames

This is perfect for tech geeks. Attach strips of circuit boards on the borders to frames to your geeky photo frame.



Toy frames

If you’ve got a lot of miniature toy models, this DIY idea will help you design an interesting photo frame and preserve these little plastic playthings.

Pillar Box Blue


Washi tape frames

Colourful washi tapes are easily available in craft stores and even online. Purchase a few colourful ones and place them in interesting patterns along the borders of the frame.



Seashell frames

Collect a couple of unique shells on your next trip to the beach. Use a hot glue gun to stick these shells to your frame in interesting patterns.

loving coastal living

DIY Décor Ideas for a Musical Christmas

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

The season of fake snow and real shivers is round the corner. Soon, fairy lights will glam up streets and a merry man called Santa will go around giving gifts to the ones who’ve been good. We can already feel a nip in the air and that’s definitely making us feel Christmassy! If you’re not feeling ‘in the mood’ yet, here are a few things you can add to your room to up the festive quotient. Spend some time crafting these easy DIY wall decorations and feel the excitement seeping in!

Oh, and these are especially perfect for those who love music.

A very simple décor piece to make, all you need is cardboard and your old strings. This piece is perfect for displaying festive selfies, family photos and even Christmas cards!

wall decor 1

Another simple item to make. Curl up your old music sheets to create these flower holders. Creatively cut the edges to give your holder a stylish twist. Stick these on your wall using double-sided tape or attach a ribbon to hang these on door knobs!

wall decor 3

Old brass instruments are not fun to play, but there’s a lot one can do with them. Here’s how you can convert a rusty horn into a beautiful décor piece. Slip in dry stalks and leaves to create a rustic ambiance indoors.

wall decor 2

Our decorations will not look complete without at least a few wreaths decorating the space. But, instead of hanging up the usual ones made from holly, why not create your own music-themed wreath. This wreath can be fashioned by attaching clothespins to a circular wire. If you don’t have enough black and white pegs, colour them with a coat of paint.

wall decor 4

Another creative wreath fashioned from music sheets. Dye your music sheets in your favorite colors, cut them into interesting shapes and then glue them on a circular wire frame. Voila! Your musical wreath is ready!

wall decor 5

Fancy Artwork made from Everyday Objects

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

Walk into the studio of an artist and you’ll rightly feel like you’ve entered the Room of Requirement. Paraphernalia required for their art will be found strewn on the table, floor, walls and almost every inch of space available. And they don’t have just one tool for a task, they have multiple tools for multiple tasks. Such fully-armed studios always make upcoming artists feel strangely inferior and ill-prepared. However, springing up in the art world are a set of artists who seem to be staunch supporters of the idiom ‘less is more.’ To drastically reduce the requirement for too many tools, they’ve begin creating art from everyday objects, or objects easily found in their vicinity. Their resourceful style is rather inspiring because it shows us that an artist doesn’t need a fancy studio or tonnes of equipment to bring to life a creation. All one needs is a fertile imagination, presence of mind and of course, dedication. Here are a list of creations made from everyday objects. We hope this list inspires you to make better use of all that you find in your surroundings!

Sticky Note Art

Ben Bruker is just a regular office goer like you and I, but yet, something he did makes him stand out from the crowd. Irked by the depressingly plain walls in his office, he decided to spice things up by decorating the walls with images of superheroes. But, being the creative soul that he is, he didn’t use paints or posters to achieve this. Instead he used something easily available in all offices – Sticky notes! He and his colleagues stuck 8.024 post-it notes to create a series of pixelated superhero portraits. Here’s how they look:

post it bored panda

Image courtesy: Bored Panda Art

Cassette Tape Art

Ours is the generation of e-music. We hardly use CDs anymore. However, there was a time when cassettes ruled the roost. If you’re left with a carton-load of cassettes, don’t throw them away. Take a page out of artist Erika Iris Simmons book and use them to make artwork instead. Here’s what she does with these vintage wonders.

cdn list 25 Erika 2 cdn list 25 Erika

Image courtesy: Cdn List 25

Dirty Car Art

We’ve all seen those sometimes-cheesy-sometimes-lewd messages scrawled on dust-coated car glasses, right? Graphic designer Scott Wade takes this hobby to a whole different level by creating praise-worthy art on this dusty canvas. He uses his fingertips, twigs and paintbrushes to create spectacular patterns and designs.

bored panda - Scott


Image courtesy: Bored Panda

Shadow Art

Remember how, as kids, we would create shapely shadows by holding our fingers and hands in creative positions. As we grew old, instead of refining this process most of us simply gave it up. But, not artists like Kumi Yamashita and Fred Eerdekens. These smart souls creatively position objects such that their shadows form interesting shapes, like human figures, words or places. Here’s some of Kumi Yamashita’s artwork:


Image courtesy: Inspire fist



Image courtesy: Listverse

Coffee Table Art

Our hot cup of liquid happiness is usually paired with some kind of snack, maybe a granola biscuit or a slice of cake. Most of us are quite clumsy at the table and we end up leaving behind traces of our meal in the form of spills and crumbs. Artist Cinzia Bolognesi is no stranger to human clumsiness but instead of wiping up the mess, she uses the besmirched table to create art! She also adds fruits, flowers and nuts to make her illustrations more interesting. This is what she does with a regular spill –

Art people gallery - Cinzia


Image courtesy: Art People Gallery

So, what are you going to create art from?

5 Fun Things to do on a Rainy Day

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

So it’s been raining like there’s no tomorrow. As if the torrential downpour wasn’t enough, we now have to deal with powerful gusts of wind that rip through the streets, upturning umbrellas and bending branches into submission. To gain respite from Mother Nature’s furious outbursts, many of us opt for that wonderful thing called ‘paid leave.’ But after we do sleep the extra hour and perform, at snail’s pace, our morning routine, we soon realize that we aren’t left with much to do. Steeping outdoors is out of question. Indoors, we have the option of propping down in front of the idiot box or our laptops, but even then, after a while, boredom begins to grip us in its stifling hold. It’s like being trapped between the devil and the deep, blue sea, and shortly, we regret having taken that leave!

Ever been caught in such a situation? Well, don’t beat yourself up over taking a leave yet, for here are a couple of things you can do to make good use of your holiday. Utilize the charming weather and free time to get in touch with the artist in you (we all have one, even if you think you couldn’t draw to save your life) and get busy doing one of these things:


Image courtesy: The odyssey online

Write a piece of poetry:

Writing poetry is not difficult, neither is it stupid or boring. In fact, it can be quite enjoyable once you get a hang of it. It will also give you a chance to express your thoughts and opinions and the best part is that you can be a direct and honest as you like!

Find out the correct lyrics of your favorite song and memorize them:

Sometimes, even though we really like a song, we never get around to figuring out the right lyrics. Instead, we’ll make do with singing gibberish or humming. Now, since you have spare time, why not search for the lyrics online and try memorizing them. Once you think you’ve mastered them, find a karaoke version of the song and try singing the lyrics from memory. If you get it right, well, at least you’ll have a good song to sing!

Create a comic strip:

Creating your own comic strip is so much fun, because you can imagine the characters to be any way you please. Also, whether slapstick, satirical, morbid or sick, you have the freedom to let your sense of humor shine through and poke fun at whatever you find funny. So, whether it’s your neighbor’s cat, or the neighbor herself, go ahead and take a dig!

Read up on your favorite musician / painter / conspiracy theorist, etc:

There’s nothing like curling up in bed with a cup of coffee and reading about the great lives of great men! It’ll feed your thirst for mystery and suspense and also make you familiar with the personal histories of your favorites.

Learn a dance move:

Even if you’re a non-dancer. In fact, this is one of the best things to do if you are a non-dancer. Utilize your lone time to learn a few moves, so that the next time you go to a party; you can confidently place yourself among the fun folk on the dance floor. If you’re wondering whom you’re supposed to learn from? Well, the answer is YouTube. Yup, just type in your favorite dance style and you’re sure to find not just one, but many tutorial videos.

Well, now that you’ve found things to do, we hope you enjoy your time indoors (and take more of those paid leaves.)