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Musical Instruments Quiz – Part II

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

And we’re back with a second round of musical instruments for you to figure out! And if you thought that the last one was too “easy” for you, we promise to make this one a bit more interesting. So are you ready to go?

The answers are at the bottom, but you know the drill. No peeking!


Q.1 This instrument might look like a guitar to the untrained eye, but it has only four strings, often made of nylon, and is a native Hawaiian instrument.

Image source – Lynda


Q.2 This is a native Australian instrument, often made from Eucalyptus timbre.

Image source - Live Music Management

Image source – Live Music Management


Q.3 It might look like a child’s toy, but it’s really not. What is it?

Image source – Amazon


Q. 4 This instrument is synonymous with the sound of jazz.

Image source - Amazon

Image source – Amazon



Q.5 Can you identify this one?

Image source – Shure


Q.6 This is an Indian percussion instrument consisting of bowls filled to certain levels with water.

Image source – Outlook India


Q.7 This one is an ancient Chinese string instrument, and sounds absolutely lovely. The strings are plucked, not strummed.

Image source – YouTube


Q. 8 This percussion instrument can be played with its sticks or even just using the hands.

Image source - YouTube

Image source – YouTube


Q.9 This Russian folk instrument’s body has jokingly been likened to a Dorito chip. But what’s it called?

Image source - YouTube

Image source – YouTube


Q.10 This brass wind instrument is often found in an orchestra formation.

Image source – Pinterest


And drum roll!!!

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1. Ukulele

2. Didgeridoo

3. Kazoo

4. Saxophone

5. Accordion

6. Jal tarang

7. Zither

8. Hapi drum

9. Balalaika

10. French horn


So how many did you get right?