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Top Events at QTube Café this April

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

The searing summer heat is upon us, literally, and the run for sunscreen, shades and scarves has already begun. But, along with the almost unbearable heat and humidity, this season also brings along delightful things, like Alphonso mangoes and summer vacations. While all of us can indulge in the former, many of us aren’t lucky enough to enjoy the latter (unless you’re still in school or college.) Fret not though, for QTube Café is on mission to make your summer months enjoyable and interesting. We’ve got a list of fun events lined up in April and we hope these help you feel active and young again! Happy summer, everyone!


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Just For Laughs

Awkward Fruit continues to host enjoyable Open Mics on Wednesdays and Saturdays. These Open Mics are perfect for upcoming comedians as they give them a chance to perform in front of an audience for free! It’s also great for all those who want to enjoy an evening of humour, for many established comedians join in to liven things up.

Let’s Stand Up Open Mic – 12th, 19th, 26th April

8-9 pm, Entry Free.

Let’s Stand Up Open Mic – 22nd, 26th April

7.30 – 9 pm, Entry Free

Just Dance!

Sitting at a desk day in and day out can leave you with some unflattering bulges. It’s time to burn up all that fat, but in a fun way. Participate in this Zumba workshop to get rid of some calories and to learn a few basic Zumba moves that you can slip into your workouts.

Zumba Workshop by BeHiver – 8th April

6-9 pm, Entry Rs. 500

Book tickets here:

Spread Help & Happiness

This Open Mic invites comedians, first-timers and veterans, to share their jokes with the audience. The best part about this event is that the ticket money will be donated to the Cancer Aid Foundation.

The Bhayanak Bakra Open Mic by Manoranjan Mania – 10th April

5-7.30 pm, Entry Rs. 50

QTube Café hosts Its First Indian Classical Concert

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

QTube Café has hosted several events these past five months. From open mics to poetry workshops to even something as unexpected as a whistling workshop, we’ve never let the chance to host an interesting event pass us by. However, we’ve never received a request to host a purely classical performance here. A couple of weeks ago, Deepa Devaraj wrote to us and her mail expressed a desire to conduct an Indian classical concert at the café. We accepted her request and soon, a date was decided upon.

On the day of the concert, everyone, including the performers were apprehensive about the event. As Mrs Devaraj revealed at the start of the concert, this was the first time she and her colleagues, Milind Joshi (table player) and Atul Fadke (harmonium player) were performing in such an informal space. Her previous concerts have been held in auditoriums or in friends’ living rooms and so, performing in a café was something they were doing for the very first time. But, as she rightly pointed out, a true performer is one who can immerse herself in her art, no matter where she is, and that’s what Mrs. Devaraj was eager to do. She started off by performing a slow-paced, mellow raga – Raag Puriya Dhanashree, which was perfect for evening listening. Then, she shifted to the more lively and also more difficult Raag Kedar. She left the audience spellbound with her talent and her silvery voice and flawless performance drew repeated rounds of applause. She wound up the concert with a melodious Kabeer bhajan which delighted both young and old listeners. We are immensely grateful to her for gracing our café with such a splendid concert!

Here are a few pictures from the evening.

Indian classical

indian classical 2

If you know of talented classical music performers who are looking out for a venue to perform at, do ask them to mail us a proposal at . We do believe that classical music and musicians deserve more exposure and that performing in unconventional spaces will help spread information about these traditional forms of music to a new audience!

Top Events at QTube Café this March

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

If you don’t already know, QTube Café is a fun space that offers patrons the combined joys of a café and an arts hub. While the Café serves up refreshing cups of coffee, free Wi-Fi, books and board games, it also plays host to a range of events conducted in its premises every week. From poetry slams to stand-up comedy open mics to film screenings to workshops and more, the Café is abuzz with the sound of enthusiastic activity every day. This month too, a range of fun events are going to be held at the Café. All these events are open to anyone who chooses to attend. So, mark these dates in your calendar and try to be a part of as many of these fun gatherings as you can!


The Awkward Fruit organizes stand-up comedy performances at the Café on Wednesdays and Saturdays. While the Wednesday slots are for upcoming comedians eager to take the stage, the Saturday ones are filled by more experienced performers who put up short, entertaining performances for the audiences. In March, events will take place on 4th, 15th, 25th and 29th, from 8-9 pm. These events have an entry fee of 100 – 150 Rs. Follow our Facebook page for more details.



If you love plays, make your way to QTube Café every Friday for our Drama Alert! Fridays are designed to delight the avid theatre goer. Every Friday, 6 pm onward, talented upcoming actors and directors put up well-rehearsed plays at the café. The best part is that there is no entry fee to watch these plays. Just show up a little early to get a good seat and sit back and enjoy the play!

Follow our Facebook page for information regarding play names and updated timings.


Get Creative & Colourful

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to basic colour theory and the colour wheel; various painting media and water colour techniques. Water colours will be used to create a design, which will emerge from the subconscious minds of the participants.

Date and time: 22nd March, 11 – 12.30 pm

All Age Groups are welcome

Fees:  Rs 500 per participant ( inclusive of art material)

For registrations please contact Trishna Patnaik on 9867982075

Splash 6

Other activities

Take part in a philosophical discussion conducted by Alliance Francis de Bombay on 18th March, 10-12 pm at the Café.

Toy Bank will be conducting a fun board game session at the Café. Come to let your hair down and have a good time! 30th March, 6-7.30 pm.


Valentine’s Day Ideas for Creative Souls

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and while it’s a day that makes some of us happy, it can leave those belonging to The Singles Club feeling lonely and unloved. So, we’re here to spread some cheer and make this day delightful for both lovers and friends. We’ve come up with a list of fun activities to try out, with a special someone or a friend, to make this day a memorable one. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance!

Get Creative!

This Valentine’s Day, instead of giving your better half a store-purchased card, put on your thinking cap and try designing your own Valentine’s Day greeting. If you don’t have a partner, gift your creation to that friend who has supported you through thick and thin. To make the designing process more fun, call your mate or partner over and make cards for each other!

If making cards isn’t fun for you, try your hand at something else like penning a poem or painting a wall together.

Inspiring pretty


Image courtesy: Inspiring Pretty

Take a Class

Do something fun together, but instead of going out for the regular movie, dinner routine, spend time learning something new. Attend a pottery workshop or cooking workshop, or even a candle-making one. To make things more interesting, gift your creations to each other.



Image courtesy: Candlefish

Attend an Event at QTube Café

Organized by Love Matters India, this event invites all to share written pieces, stories and experiences on love, sexuality and identity. If you want to participate or just attend, reach out to Roshan Kokane at or +919819178932.

Please carry along a valid ID card.

Visit the event page for more details:

Watch a Black and White Movie

Instead of watching a movie in a theatre, curl up in bed with your partner and binge on cinema classics. Here are 5 movies you should watch.


Gone with the Wind


Breakfast at Tiffany’s



Hope your Day of Love is a lovely one!

Top QTube Café Events this February

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

QTube Café is a thriving ‘performance café’ that hosts lots of fun events every week. Here are some of the coolest events happening at the café this Feb. Save the dates of the ones you’d like to attend.

For theatre buffs:

QTube Café’s ‘Drama Alert!’ Fridays see young, talented actors and playwrights put up new and interesting plays. The best part is that you don’t need to purchase a ticket to watch any of these plays! Plus, you get free coffee!

Time: 6 – 8 pm

Dates: 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th Feb


For poetry enthusiasts:

MaxMeet Social and The Poetry Club Mumbai are organizing events at the café this month. Attend these events if you’d like to read out your compositions, discuss poetry or socialize with other poets.

MaxMeet Social: Poetry Tuesday 65 – Pop Culture Reference!

Date: 7th Feb

Time: 7 – 9 pm

The Poetry Club Mumbai: Poetry Reading Session

Date: 19th Feb

Time: 4 – 7 pm


For music lovers:

Is your whistle feeble, inaudible and quite pointless? Attend this whistling workshop to up your skills! It’s being organized by the Indian’s Whistlers Association, don’t miss it!

Date: 12th Feb

Time: 5 – 7 pm


For dance devotees:

Kuchipudi workshop at the café. Attend this interesting workshop to know more about this traditional dance form.

Date: 11th Feb

Time: 6 – 7.30 pm


Stand Up Comedy At QTube Cafe

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

What do you get when you put too many funny men in a room together?

A laugh riot!

Normally, the interiors of QTube Café resound with the sound of music and cheery banter. Yesterday however, the café sang a different tune. Between 8 to 9.30 pm, the only sound that emanated from the café was that of laughter; unbridled, booming, carefree laughter! What brought on this giggle fest? Well, it was the enthusiastic participation of bunch of comedians in Awkward Fruit’s Open Mic event, held at QTube Café. Braving nerves and naysayers, these gentlemen took to the stage and spouted one joke after the next, entertaining all with their sense of humour. Every participant got four minutes of mic time and all of them made the most of these four minutes. Since almost everything in life can be humorous if looked at from the right angle, the comedians exploited this truism and cracked jokes about everything under the sun. They spared nothing and no one, not even Ganpati’s trusty conveyance companion – Mr. Mouse. The host, Vaibhav Sethia, ensured that people were in splits even between performances. Thanks to him, even the performers weren’t spared from becoming the butt of a couple of jokes! We were also lucky to have Azeem Banatwalla put up a short performance, and although he performed right at the end, the wait was definitely worth it! A few pictures from the evening.

The Awkward Fruit will be organizing three more events at QTube Café this month. Do attend these, we promise you you’ll have a great time!

14th Jan Feature Shows (7:30 – 9 pm)

25th Jan Let’s Stand Up Open Mic (8 – 9 pm)

28th Jan Feature Shows (8 – 9 pm)

Entry fee: Rs. 200



Host Vaibhav Sethia setting the mood for the evening.







Azeem Banatwalla regales all with his nerdy persona and dazzling wit.



Full house at QTube!

Giving Voice to the Poet Within – A Poetry Workshop at QTube Cafe

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

When taxed with the job of writing about a workshop, I mostly stick to the trusted fly on the wall routine. As a mute, non-participating spectator, I get the chance to observe and comment on all that’s going on without having to put myself in harm’s way, and by harm’s way I mean the activities going on. This workshop, however, was frightfully different, because, while most swear by the adage seeing is believing, for poets, feeling is believing. And since this workshop, titled ‘From the Brazen to the Golden: Creating and Chiseling Poetry,’ was one with poets, I was invited to participate before jotting down my observations. Visibly shaken and shaking, I got ready to explore all that goes on in a poetry workshop.

The workshop was conducted by Shrenik Mutha and Ankita Anand, both gifted poets and poetry lovers. Through creative exercises, they encouraged us to explore our relationship with poetry. We started off by answering questions like ‘Why I write poetry?’ ‘What do I like about poetry?’ Through our own answers we realized a range of problems that confront us as poets, whether it was the fear or not being profound enough, or articulate enough or simply running out of topics, each participant brought to the table unique problems which, quite strangely, resonated with all of us. On the one hand, these revelatory conversations comforted the hesitant poet in me while on the other, it motivated me to try harder to overcome my writing-related fears.


All poets understand the importance of fair criticism and so, Ankita’s next exercise had us jot down our expectations from a ‘good’ poem and through our lists, she helped us understand how to share useful feedback. This exercise left us with a ready-made checklist we could revisit often and use to sharpen our own writing. The next exercise aimed to explore the relevance of poetry in a world fascinated by visual mediums. With motion pictures and photography claiming to be infinitely more captivating, can poetry still stimulate the mind and move the soul? After the exercise (which involved observing a photograph handed to us, and composing a poem inspired by that photograph,) we were convinced that poetry offers a kind of dynamism no other medium offers, because when language is your tool of choice, there is no limit to creativity. We were also asked to read out our poems, which were then praised and critiqued by the other participants.

After a quick lunch break, we dived into the next and last exercise for the day, which called on us to pen another poem. This time however, our inspiration had to come from a place closer to home, that is, from some chaotic incident weighing us down at the moment. This was an incredibly difficult exercise, but at the end of it, felt strangely therapeutic. Later, we had to read out our poems to the group.

Although this workshop was quite intensive for me, a person who doesn’t dare call herself a poet, by the end of it, I felt much more confident about my writing ability. I was even encouraged to call myself a poet, and thereby, own my talent, for as Ankita rightly pointed out, to become a better version of yourself, you have to first accept your current version, faults and all. It was an immensely empowering workshop for not just seasoned poets, but for upcoming ones like me and this is what both Ankita and Shrenik are trying to do through such sessions. When not conducting such workshops, Ankita uses her linguistic talents to help those without a voice. She helps those marginalized by society learn basic communication skills and even assists them in form-filling and other official procedures. If you’d like to know more about her work, read her poetry or get in touch with her, contact her at / or via Facebook

If you’d like to host something similar at a location near you, contact Shrenik at You can read his work through his WordPress blog – Anthology of Thirst

This workshop had no fee of any kind because the organizers wanted to encourage participation from people belonging to different strata. However, to remind us that arts education is valuable in its own right, and so that we respect the efforts put in, participants were asked to donate a sum they felt fit. No minimum or maximum amount was prescribed. 

Creative Movement Therapy Workshop with Vidya Damani

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

They say you should dance like no one’s watching, but that can be an intimidating proposition if you know you’ve got two left feet, right? And so, it helps to be in a small group, nestled in an intimate setting where the lights have been dimmed to a mild yellow glow. This was quite the setting participants found themselves in this Sunday, at Vidya Damani’s ‘Creative Movement’ Therapy workshop held at QTube Café.


To kick things off, teacher and passionate dancer Vidya led the participants through a warm up routine designed to get muscles and minds in the mood. A few mild exercises, focused on rotations and stretches, got participants warmed up and ready for the next activity which was to introduce themselves to the group, but in a creative way. Let’s just say only sharing your name wasn’t enough and had to be coupled with an act that would definitely prod you out of your comfort zone!


As the participants were recovering from the giggling fit induced by the introductions, Vidya took out a host of props and scattered them on the floor. Among these were pompoms, a lacy piece of cloth, a pillow, shawls, scarves and a Chinese fan. Each participant had to select a prop they were drawn to and use it in their dance. While some were hesitant at first, eventually, almost everyone in the room were moving with their props in creative ways. Steps ranged from sensuous to goofy to childlike and everyone seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.


After this came the most interesting activity of the session. Separated into pairs, participants had to indulge in the ‘Mirror Me’ activity. Talking about this activity later, many participants said that it helped them experience a side of themselves they didn’t know existed. “A lot of my exercises focus on creating self-awareness, because in our busy lives we hardly get time to get in touch with our inner selves” Vidya Damani tells us later. Having worked as a brand consultant for 12 years, Vidya is all too familiar with the chaos of corporate life. She quit her job two years back to learn creative movement therapy and has since dedicated her time to conducting sessions for those in need of a breather. She mostly conducts sessions for corporates, where her workshops focus on helping employees destress and explore anew their creative side.



The next activity too prompted the participants to get colourful and creative. Handing out paper and crayons, Vidya asked the participants to recreate on paper something they wished to share. It could be an emotion or a thought or anything that was holding their imaginations captive. This exercise tied in with an activity that followed later, which saw the participants express what they’d drawn through a dance move. What emerged through these exercises were not just colourful pictures or quirky moves, but a plethora of emotions that burst from the participants and danced through the room.



Soon, it was time to bring the hour and a half long workshop to a close. The last activity aimed to bring the participants to a state of calmness and to achieve this, the lights were dimmed and participants were asked to close their eyes and visualize peaceful scenarios. A good 10 minutes were dedicated to this activity and on completing it, many smiles and positive experiences were shared. All in all, this workshop was not just enjoyable, but empowering, with each participant admitting to having shed one inhibition or another. The best part though is that you don’t have to be a dancer to be able to fully enjoy or participate in this workshop, an open mind and comfy clothes is all you need to bring to the room, and you’re ready to reap the benefits of creative movement!

If you’d like to know more about Vidya Damani’s workshops, contact her at 9820386865.

Two sessions will be held this weekend at QTube Cafe. Come participate to experience the benefits of creative movement.

Saturday 14th Jan (3 – 7 pm)

Sunday 15th Jan (5 – 9 pm)

ARTery: A Group Bringing Back the ART of Conversation

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

“How was the weekend?”

“Wonderful! Visited the beach with the family. How was your weekend?”

“Pleasant, spent it at home.”

“Wonderful! Good day!”

And we’re off, back to our chores, back to our thoughts, back inside the little personal worlds we inhabit. We’ve learnt to perfect this type of conversation; clipped, superficial, but polite enough to encourage another round of it. So adept have we become at this art of impersonal, but interesting banter, that we don’t realize when it becomes the norm for all our interactions, even the most personal ones. This is why, sometimes, the most we know about the closest to us excludes any understanding of their core beliefs, their deep-seated desires and fears or even their perspective on simple things, like how much coffee is too much. For such conversations, you have to prod, you have to probe and you have to digest all that oozes out from the prodding and probing. So it’s safer to stick to these non-invasive tête-à-têtes, where a lot of speaking happens, but hardly any communication.

Sitting with the ARTery group then, was a widely and wildly different experience. Gathered around a table on an uneventful Sunday evening, this motley group of conversationalists sat exploring a topic many would regard as ‘sensitive.’ Religion was the topic of the hour and the views spouted were as diverse as the topography of the group. To understand why someone would choose to explore such a heavy topic on a relaxing weekend evening, one must first acquaint oneself with this unique, and very special initiative called ARTery. Started by Swathi Nair, a self-confessed introvert, this six month-old initiative kicked off because Swathi felt the need to seek out like-minded people with whom she could discuss all the wonderful questions swimming around in her mind. Questions about life, questions about perspectives, complex questions we shy away from exploring in our day-to-day conversations. She voiced her desire on the group ‘Put Me in Touch with Mumbai’ and was surprised by the overwhelming response her post received. The barrage of responses made her realize two things – one, that there were several people who, like her, wished to engage in thoughtful conversations, and two, that she could be the one to facilitate this. She decided to do so by starting the group ARTery, which invites people to come together to talk about issues and topics that intrigue them. When asked why the name ‘ARTery,’ she says because conversation is an ART which has the power to connect people and pump life into relationships, just like an artery.


Swathi Nair, founder of ARTery

And connect us it did! Although everyone in the group had a different view on the designated topic, and the discussion meandered through the testy waters of personal beliefs, social conventions, learned understandings and subjective definitions, there was so much respect and acceptance to be found. Every member was encouraged to share their opinion and while the person did so, everyone else listened. No booing, no clicking of tongues, no impatient outbursts, no judgemental sniggers, just dialogue – honest opinions shared in a poised and sometimes, humorous manner. Opinions were supported, countered, questioned, dissected; the result was not irritable temperaments but healthy curiosity and a mutual acceptance of the diversity of the human experience. Swathi, who doubled up as participant and moderator, stepped in at times to nudge the discussion back on track or sum up hazy perspectives. After a good two hours of discussion, the group still didn’t reach a consensus on the relevance of religion or the definition of spirituality, but in all fairness, it would be absurd if they did. Because, along with expanding our understanding of the various perspectives existing on these topics, the discussion left us with another learning, that difference is the rule of life and as influential Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie reminds us, that “the only necessary form of humility is the realization that difference is normal.” It is discussions like these that help us cultivate this humility. Every discussion is normally followed by a group activity, and the activity after this debate was supposed to be random acts of kindness, an activity that would require members to approach random strangers on the street and offer them help, but this was unfortunately postponed because the discussion took up more time than expected. Swathi assures the members that there will be an activity after the next meeting, which will happen in November and take the form of an overnight retreat. We for one, were both disappointed and relieved. After all stepping out of your comfort zone is not very comfortable, which is what the activity would ensure we did.


The group engrossed in the discussion

Being a part of this fun group was a truly memorable experience for us and the way we were welcomed, not just in their post-discussion photographs, but also in their forum, was heart-warming to say the least. It is this openness to newness, an identifiable trait in almost every person in the group, that makes them such liberal conversationalists. When asked why they chose to join the group, the reasons of the members were as diverse as their ages, occupations and hobbies. Some joined because they wish to expand their knowledge, some because they are curious about the world, some in search of fellow like-minded individuals while some wished to voice the thoughts that keep them up at night. One member put forward a particularly interesting definition of the group, something that stuck with us. He called it a group of “like-minded individuals that met to discuss unlikely topics.” He couldn’t have put it better.


Time for a fun photograph!

You can join ARTery through their Facebook group. However, admittance is granted at the discretion of the admins.

6 Famous Cafes Literature Lovers Must Visit

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

Gone are the days when we had to sit cramped up, and quite uncomfortably, on those bare long benches of roadside tea stalls, to sip a piping hot cup of chai or coffee. Although we still enjoy this as a nostalgic treat now and then, most of us prefer savoring our caffeinated delights seated on plush chairs inside hip ‘cafes,’ as we now like to call them. And why not, for aren’t we all partial towards creature comforts? The luxurious ambiance is relaxing, the cordial, almost friendly service uplifts our mood and the whispered conversation of gentility allows us to immerse ourselves in serious pursuits like work or reading. This is why many artists too enjoyed biding their time at cafes. In fact, they made use of these sanctums to pen down lines for their now famous works! Here are a list of such cafes that, along with serving up delicious beverages, also ended up serving us with some delightful literary offerings!

The Literary Café, St. Petersburg

This Café was frequented by the writer who gave us gems like Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov – Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and the Great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. In fact, Pushkin is rumoured to have taken his last meal here, before dying in a duel.

Today, to honour Pushkin’s memory, the café has erected a bust of him and has included his favourite dishes in the cafes menu!

literary cafe

The Elephant House, Edinburgh

This is a very intriguing cafe for Harry Potter book lovers because it is in here that celebrated author J.K. Rowling sat thinking up ideas for and writing the Harry Potter book series. It is said that the Edinburgh Castle can be seen from a backroom in this café, which is where Rowling sat, and perhaps, where she drew much inspiration for her magical school – Hogwarts!

the metropolist

Antico Caffe Greco, Rome

This café seems to have been a popular hangout among those in the poetry circle. The café played host to notable Romantic poets Byron, Shelley and Keats and the master of the fairy tale, Hans Christian Anderson.


La Rotonde, Paris

The elegant Parisian café, which is today a full-fledged restaurant, was a frequent hangout of Scott Fitzgerald. Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and T.S. Elliot too were regulars here! Even today, many artists and film directors frequent the café to work, socialize and do business.


Pedrocchi Café, Italy

This ultra-stylish café has always been the preferred place for artist and writer meets. Lord Byron and French writer Stendhal are among the famous this café boasts of having hosted.


From this article, one can easily see that cafés are not only the best hangout places, but they’re also great places for getting work done. If you’re looking for a welcoming café to sit and finish penning some of your thoughts, we suggest you head to the sixth cafe on  our list, which is QTube Café, a wonderful café on S.V. Road that provides free coffee, Wi-Fi and a host of other things to its patrons. Know more about the café here: One of the Most Unique Cafes in Mumbai

QTube Cafe, Bandra

 Warm and welcoming, ain’t it?