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Flag Patriotism in the air!

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Republic day was quite a patriotic day for the NSPA TEAM and Artists, as you can see! The Artists made a gala time performing at the R-Day Celebrations at the International Airport. 

A Day of Kranti

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

“To empower girls from Mumbai’s red-light areas to become agents of social change.”

 Kranti Workshop

This is the inspiring ideology of Kranti, a shelter for daughters of sex workers, located in a faraway corner of Marol, Andheri East. Headed by ‘Robin’, the organisation is based out of a small bungalow, right opposite Mangala Hospital.

Our fellow NSPA-ian, Debanshu Shekhar, conducted a brief theatre workshop with the girls there and had a blast!

 7 (Custom)

From Zip-Zap to Ladoo, the girls aced every game like they invented each of them! But the highlight of the day was the clay modeling exercise. We asked each of them to use another person as ‘clay’ and model them into different things, while others had to guess what the ‘model’ was. Their imagination was limitless and they came up with some interesting things.

 8 (Custom)

The girls were full of energy and participated in the games with a lot of enthusiasm. Their positivity, vigour, and their laughter just lit up the whole room. With their quick wit and an unmatched zeal, they made the whole workshop a memorable experience for us too.

Flag Hoisting at the Airport

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

We regularly perform at the Airport but mostly inside but this time around we are going to be performing outside the airport for dignitaries during the flag hoisting ceremony at the Airport. You all too can be a part of it. A special instrumental version of our national anthem has been planned for the event! 8am to 10am outside the Airport, Be there!


Republic Day Celebrations at Mumbai Metro

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

For the first time ever, NSPA Artists will be performing inside the metro cars! Yes, on the 26th of January our artists will be singing and performing for all of you inside the metro, make sure to visit us and cheer our artists. Lots of patriotic songs shall be sung!

NSPA in the Metro Trains

Musical beginnings in the midst of Skyscrapers

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

Last week, an animated voice called and spoke at such a startling speed, we were barely able to catch even his hello! A stray pause for breath and we jumped for the kill “May we know your name please?”  Rakesh from Shimla Nagar, Napean Sea Road. Rakesh, a resident and social activist, from the area had spotted the NSPA car at Worli and spoke to our enthusiastic chauffeur Nasir. Rather than pinching Nasir, he had him dial the office. Having confirmed our existence and purpose, Rakesh’s thrill escalated greater heights peaking at the request of initiating performances at his neighbourhood – the very next day! Phew!


Well, we made it to Shimla Nagar the very next day- not for performance though. Albert, his trusted ally and hero of the area (!) eagerly awaited us. Some confusion later, he earnestly clarified ‘Madam, I have no hair on my head- Can you spot me now?’ Spot him, we did. As we entered the area, a group of boys welcomed us encore. With about 700 slums in its vicinity, Shimla Nagar stands testimony to the stark inequalities of Mumbai, nestled between the towering skyscrapers of Napean Sea Road flanked by Priyadarshini Park and Godrej Baug on both sides; its 4000-strong population primarily servicing the chic lifestyle of its upmarket neighbours.

Beyond the Skyscrapers

So Albert and Rakesh grew up in the area and lament the poor quality of education and leisure activities through their growing up years. They asked us if we could organise performances and workshops for the kids and residents sharing with glimpses of different cultures, music and perspectives. A charming angan(common space) bang in the center of the settlement seemed to call out to us makes for a lovely activity space. On a breezy Saturday morning, with the electric blue Ambedkarite flag blowing gallantly at Shimla Nagar’s exit point, we hummed along Lokshahir Com. Annabhau Sathe’s Mumbaichi Lavani and hope to program some more Shahiri therein, in the coming months. To stay posted on Shimla Nagar developments, sign up to our newsletter here..