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DIY of the Week – Rock Photo Holder

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

Hi there!

So, it seems that we’ve hit upon a bit of a trend in August (completely unintentional, we promise). It seems that all of our DIYs for the month have featured rocks! (Maybe because August was so rocking?) So, in keeping with this trend, we’ll round off with the last project of the month also featuring, you guessed it, rocks.

This one is also pretty easy to do, and is a great way to personalize a work table or a quiet corner in your home. So, let’s get started!

Image source - One Little Project

Image source – One Little Project


What you need :

1. Rocks (any shape, size and number, as per your preference – though it’s easier to use smoother rocks the first time around)

2. Copper wire

3. Needle nose pliers

4. Paint (at least one dark color as base, and one light (or white) for contrast)

5. Paintbrush

6. Marker or thick pen

7. Varnish or mod podge (if you wish)

Image source - Crafted in Carhartt

Image source – Crafted in Carhartt


What to do:

Step 1

After washing and drying the rocks, paint them over with the base colors. You might have to give several coats to make the color stand out, instead of showing light and transparent.


Step 2

Once completely dried, paint small repetitive designs with the contrasting light shade. You can make lines, stripes, dots, stars, or whatever else takes your fancy. Once dry, top off with a coat of varnish to seal the colors in. (This is not compulsory, but suggested, as it ensures that your paint colors don’t fade quickly.)

Image source - One Little Project

Image source – One Little Project


Step 3

Take the edge of the wire, and loop it around the middle of the marker, then, straightening the remaining end, slide the marker out of the loop. Now, take the other end of the wire and loop it three or four times around the rock.

Image source - Sometimes Homemade

Image source – Sometimes Homemade

Image source - Jenny Doh

Image source – Jenny Doh


Step 4

Now just take any photograph, postcard, note, and slip it between the smaller loops, and your photo holder is customized and ready for display!

Image source - Rustic Crafts

Image source – Rustic Crafts