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DIY of the Week – Foosball Table

Monday, July 16th, 2018

And France has officially won it! If you have a social media account of any type, your feeds have probably been hounded with FIFA updates for a while now. And with this particular World Cup turning out to be a doozy, with high-drama outcomes, it’s no wonder that football fever has been running high across the country.

And if you don’t want to let go of that fervor and glow just yet, we can completely understand. After all, when it’s as unpredictable and high octane as the race to the 21st cup has been, who could blame you?

So, to commemorate, this week’s DIY is for the football enthusiast. And the best part is, it’s super easy to make!

Image source - yazarkafe

Image source – yazarkafe


What you need:

  1. A cardboard box, like any shoe box
  2. Single hole puncher, or scissors or knife, to make holes
  3. Scissors or craft blade
  4. Straws, ideally of two colors, or wooden skewers
  5. Wooden clothespins
  6. A ping pong ball
  7. Paints, sketch pens, washi tape, anything to jazz it up, and also mark your teams
  8. Glue

Image source – Fab Working Mom



What to do:


Step 1

Take the bottom part of the shoe box and decorate it as you see fit. You can paint the inside base green and plot out a field space if you want, or just decorate the box from the outside, depending our your style.


Image source - yenisafak

Image source – yenisafak


Step 2

On one of the narrow ends of the box, measure out the height of the ping pong ball, and mark a point half an inch higher than that.  Now cut up from base to that point, and create a cut-out rectangle that equidistant from the sides. This will be your goal. Repeat this on the other narrow side.

Image source – ursusamericanus


Step 3

Measure out four spots on the longer side that are more or less equidistant from each other to figure out the placing of your straws/skewers. Make sure there is space enough for your ping pong ball between each straw/skewer. There should be either four or six straws/skewers in total (2/3 for each team).

Image source – mojruknirad


Step 4

Punch or cut holes where marked, about one to one and half inch from the top edge of the box, depending on its depth.

Image source – Diyselfy


Step 5

Paint, color, or decorate your clothespins in two different color options to mark different team players.

Image source – Dollar Tree


Step 6

Pass the straws/skewers so that they go through both holes on opposite sides of the box.

Image souce – Dollar Tree


Step 7

Place the clothespins on the straw/skewer. If you are using a total of four straws, then two should have three pins each, and two should have two or one pin each. One of the three-pin straws if for one team, the second for the other, and so on. Once you have finalized on their placement, place glue on the straw/skewer where you want the pin, and clip them on.

Image source - Make Magazine

Image source – Make Magazine


Step 8

Now all you have to do is put the ball in the middle, catch a friend and get playing!

Image source – YouTube


PRO TIP: You can paint the ping pong ball to look like a proper football!


And there you go! You’re all set to get your game on!

Image source – Make Magazine

Drama Alert! Fridays: Ek Aur Kabeer & Dedh Inch Upar.

Friday, January 13th, 2017

For our Drama Alert! Fridays, we had two wonderful plays put up – Ek Aur Kabeer and Dedh Inch Upar. Here’s what these plays are about. Hope you catch them the next time they’re performed at QTube Cafe.

Ek Aur Kabeer

Ek Aur Kabeer is a one-man act essayed by talented actor Pradeep Singh. The hour-long presentation takes you through various stages in Sant Kabir’s life, thereby giving the viewer a better understanding of this great mystic’s life and teachings. The commendable performance of the lead actor does not escape your attention for he switches seamlessly from one character to the next, turning into a mohalla child one moment, a harsh Kabir critic the next and back into the calm, profound Kabir, all in a matter of minutes. His singing prowess enables him to interject the play with melodious songs which breathe life and meaning into various scenes. One also gets to listen to lyrical ‘Kabir ke dohes’ which are filled with wit and wisdom. The play focusses on certain key incidents in the saint’s life, incidents that impacted him greatly and shaped him into the person we know him to be today. So, although we are familiar with his philosophy on Hindu-Muslim relationships, the play helps us understand his views on the topic became as they were. Do attend this play if you’d like to know more about this great man’s life and treat yourself to his liberal, egalitarian teachings! To know when this play will be performed at QTube Café again, keep an eye on our Facebook page. It’ll also be performed at Sathaye College auditorium on the 17th of Jan, so book your tickets soon!

Stills from the play.





Dedh Inch Upar

The play narrates the story of a drunk man with a dark past. Between swigs of alcohol, he narrates his shocking story which is set in Nazi Germany and struggles to find answers to questions that have perplexed him for 15 years. At the start of the play, we think the protagonist (Vinar Singh Nath) to be just another drunk guy, that uncle you’ve seen several times before in bar’s and pubs, sitting alone and downing peg after peg. But as he relates his story through slurred speech to a patient stranger, we realize that he has quite a strange story to share. As he reveals that grave incident that changed his life forever, we find ourselves questioning our own relationships with our loved ones. Are they completely honest with us? Do we know absolutely everything about them, or is there somebody else who knows them better than we do? What would be more painful, losing them to death or discovering, after they’ve left us forever, that they’ve kept secrets from us, and not being able to confront them? This is a play that will entertain, excite and make you think about love and life, so don’t miss it.

Check our Facebook page to know when this play will be performed at QTube again.

Stills from the play.