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DIY of the Week – Mini Pallet Coasters

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

We love starting our week with a little creativity. Using our hands and putting our efforts towards making something to brighten up the spaces we live in, work in. Or even the thought of doing that for someone we care about (we love gifting our creations!).

This week, we make these cute coasters that not only ensure that you don’t leave glass or cup marks on your tables, but are super cute to look at too!


What you need:

1. One dozen (12) Popsicle sticks per coaster

2. Scissors

3. Glue gun

4. Ruler and pencil (optional, if you want to measure)

5. Tea or coffee liquid and bowl (optional, if you want to stain the wood)


Image source - Doodle & Stitch

Image source – Doodle & Stitch


What to do:

Step 1

Mark off all the rounded edges from the sticks so that all would be the same length once cut. You can use a ruler while marking to ensure that they are the same length.

Image source - wikiHow

Image source – wikiHow


Step 2

Cut off all the rounded edges.

Image source - Shared.com

Image source – Shared.com


Step 3 (Optional)

If you would like to make stained wood pallet coasters, instead of using expensive wood stains, you can make your own DIY staining liquid. All you need to do is make a strong tea or coffee concoction and pour that hot liquid into a bowl, and then dump the sticks in it to soak the color. Place a spoon or fork across the sticks so that they remain submerged in the liquid. 5-10 minutes of soaking is sufficient. Once soaked, remove and allow to dry completely. (They need to be completely dry for the next set of steps.)

Image source - wikiHow

Image source – wikiHow


Step 4

Lay down two sticks parallel to each other, and using the glue gun, stick one stick upright on each edge, making a square, as shown in the picture below.

Image source - Shared.com

Image source – Shared.com


Step 5

Follow with laying another stick across the center.

Image source - DIY Projects

Image source – DIY Projects


Step 6

Now lay two new sticks flat across the edges, right above the first two you had placed.

Image source - Instructables

Image source – Instructables


Step 7

Laying a piece flat across the center with the help of the glue gun, proceed to lay more pieces between the center and edge pieces, leaving a bit of space between each stick to mimic the look of a pallet.

Image source - Make Magazine

Image source – Make Magazine



You can further personalize these by painting individual sticks different or alternating colors, or even use washi tape (but do this at step 3).

Image source - Pinterest

Image source – Pinterest


Happy crafting!

DIY of the Week – Harmonica with Popsicle Sticks

Monday, July 9th, 2018

Hi there! Hope you had a great week. We’re back here to get you started off with the next one with this cool DIY of another musical instrument. Make sure to look at the older ones (every Monday) to see if you missed one in the past few weeks.

This week’s project is an easy harmonica (or mouth organ). So, let’s get started.

Image source – Mum in the Madhouse


What you will need:

1. Two popsicle or craft sticks (wide ones work best)

2. Two rubber bands, or pieces of string

3. A strip of paper cut to match the size of the sticks you are using

4. Two pieces of toothpick, cut to the same length as (or slightly longer than) the width of the craft sticks

5. Paints or any other material to decorate the craft sticks

Image source – Anna Gillespy


What you need to do:


Step 1

Paint or decorate the craft sticks as per your wish, and let dry/set.


Step 2

Arrange the cut piece of paper between the two sticks.

Image source – Pomelody


Step 3

Wrap a rubber band on one side of this arrangement, until the sticks are nice and snug with each other.

Image source - Skip to my  lou

Image source – Skip to my lou


Step 4

Stick one of the toothpick pieces between the two craft sticks and slide in to the end with the rubber band. Follow this up with placing the other toothpick piece at the open end, and fit it in by tying the other rubber band on this end. (It works best if you ensure that the piece of toothpick at one end is placed under the paper, and the one at the other end, over the paper.)

Image source – Anna Gillespy


And you’re all set. All you have to do now is blow between the sticks, and that’s your very own handmade harmonica!

Image source – YouTube