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Mona Lisa: The Ad World’s Favourite Muse

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

Look around and you’ll find ads everywhere. In the newspaper, on billboards, on your TV screen and even in your social media feed. With countless ads bombarding our consciousness every day, it becomes difficult for us to remember each one clearly. That happens only if the ad is very quirky and manages to stand out from the rest. To make such ads, advertisers have to work extra hard and come up with concepts that are truly unique. Often, they turn to classical paintings for inspiration. While some ads seek to spark chuckles by parodying famous paintings, some use software like Photoshop to tamper with the painting and make it fit into a theme. Here are some creative ads that have used the ultra-famous Mona Lisa painting to promote products and organizations.

In 2007, Pantene came up with this print ad to promote a product that promised to rejuvenate damaged hair. The copy that accompanied the ad was:

“Pantene Time Renewal. Restores Age-damaged Hair.”

mona lisa 1

When Prince Spaghetti Sauce wanted to advertise their product, they turned Da Vinci’s most intriguing creation. They used a chubby version of the smiling Mona Lisa to advertise their chunky version!

mona lisa 2

Knowone/Online, a dating site, showed the potency of their website through this hilarious ad.

mona lisa 3

Nescafe came up with a humorous campaign to promote their well-loved stimulant. They depicted characters from famous paintings with bulging eyes. Here’s what they did to the Mona Lisa.

mona lisa 4

Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization that works towards promoting and protecting human rights. They also highlight human rights violations through several impactful campaigns. Here is one of their print ads titled The Mona Lisa.

mona lisa 5