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Say Cheese!!

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Thich Nhat Hanh once said “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

Every day can’t possibly be a great one. We all face our troubles, our low points, and our failures. After all, without our lows, why would we celebrate our highs?

But battling our blues isn’t the only reason we should be smiling more. Here’s a list of reasons to show off those pearly whites!


1. Because you quite literally like to say “Cheese”(It’s ok. It’s a perfectly valid reason)

Image source - JustStickers

Image source – JustStickers


2. Because it relieves stress (Try it. Do eeeeeeeeeeeee)

Image source - The Journal

Image source – The Journal


3. Because it makes you more attractive (Really. You look fabulous)

Image source –


4. Because it makes people wonder what you’re up to (Works especially well if you do it in a serious or tense situation)

Image source – Zoran Photo


5. Because it elevates your mood (Just call it the poor man’s drug)

Image source - Roeselien

Image source – Roeselien


6. Because it lowers your blood pressure (Though we’re not sure what to do if you’re already suffering from low blood pressure. Growl a little maybe?)



7. Because it is contagious (Like a horrible disease. And don’t even start on the giggles. We would need to quarantine you. Professionals will need to be called in)

Image source - Yakubiv

Image source – Yakubiv


8. Because it’s easy (Best reason yet!)

Image source - Deposit Photos

Image source – Deposit Photos


9. Because it boosts your immune system (Keeping those germ fighting ninjas energized and at the ready)

Image source – Colloidal Silver Secrets


10. Because, if you are still reading this, you obviously want to!

Image source - Crazy Frankenstein

Image source – Crazy Frankenstein


So go ahead! Saaaayyyyy Cheeeeeeeeese!