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Fancy Artwork made from Everyday Objects

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

Walk into the studio of an artist and you’ll rightly feel like you’ve entered the Room of Requirement. Paraphernalia required for their art will be found strewn on the table, floor, walls and almost every inch of space available. And they don’t have just one tool for a task, they have multiple tools for multiple tasks. Such fully-armed studios always make upcoming artists feel strangely inferior and ill-prepared. However, springing up in the art world are a set of artists who seem to be staunch supporters of the idiom ‘less is more.’ To drastically reduce the requirement for too many tools, they’ve begin creating art from everyday objects, or objects easily found in their vicinity. Their resourceful style is rather inspiring because it shows us that an artist doesn’t need a fancy studio or tonnes of equipment to bring to life a creation. All one needs is a fertile imagination, presence of mind and of course, dedication. Here are a list of creations made from everyday objects. We hope this list inspires you to make better use of all that you find in your surroundings!

Sticky Note Art

Ben Bruker is just a regular office goer like you and I, but yet, something he did makes him stand out from the crowd. Irked by the depressingly plain walls in his office, he decided to spice things up by decorating the walls with images of superheroes. But, being the creative soul that he is, he didn’t use paints or posters to achieve this. Instead he used something easily available in all offices – Sticky notes! He and his colleagues stuck 8.024 post-it notes to create a series of pixelated superhero portraits. Here’s how they look:

post it bored panda

Image courtesy: Bored Panda Art

Cassette Tape Art

Ours is the generation of e-music. We hardly use CDs anymore. However, there was a time when cassettes ruled the roost. If you’re left with a carton-load of cassettes, don’t throw them away. Take a page out of artist Erika Iris Simmons book and use them to make artwork instead. Here’s what she does with these vintage wonders.

cdn list 25 Erika 2 cdn list 25 Erika

Image courtesy: Cdn List 25

Dirty Car Art

We’ve all seen those sometimes-cheesy-sometimes-lewd messages scrawled on dust-coated car glasses, right? Graphic designer Scott Wade takes this hobby to a whole different level by creating praise-worthy art on this dusty canvas. He uses his fingertips, twigs and paintbrushes to create spectacular patterns and designs.

bored panda - Scott


Image courtesy: Bored Panda

Shadow Art

Remember how, as kids, we would create shapely shadows by holding our fingers and hands in creative positions. As we grew old, instead of refining this process most of us simply gave it up. But, not artists like Kumi Yamashita and Fred Eerdekens. These smart souls creatively position objects such that their shadows form interesting shapes, like human figures, words or places. Here’s some of Kumi Yamashita’s artwork:


Image courtesy: Inspire fist



Image courtesy: Listverse

Coffee Table Art

Our hot cup of liquid happiness is usually paired with some kind of snack, maybe a granola biscuit or a slice of cake. Most of us are quite clumsy at the table and we end up leaving behind traces of our meal in the form of spills and crumbs. Artist Cinzia Bolognesi is no stranger to human clumsiness but instead of wiping up the mess, she uses the besmirched table to create art! She also adds fruits, flowers and nuts to make her illustrations more interesting. This is what she does with a regular spill –

Art people gallery - Cinzia


Image courtesy: Art People Gallery

So, what are you going to create art from?