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Playlist of the Week – Best of Nirvana

Friday, October 4th, 2019

Every once in a while, nostalgia will strike hard, and you will head back into your memories (sometimes fond, sometimes not). And one thing that is indisputable is that nothing brings a memory into sharp focus as much as a song. Sometimes a memory attached to a particular song is so strong that hearing just a few notes can give you a surreal sense of deja vu.

To commemorate those old beloved memories, we’re taking a trip down memory lane with a band that defined grunge for so many. Here’s our pick for our most loved Nirvana tracks.


1. Smells Like Teen Spirit

The quintessential Nirvana song. Probably their most popular track, it pretty much defined an entire generation.

Smells Like Teen Spirit


2. Lithium

I’m so ugly, that’s ok cuz so are you.



3. The Man Who Sold The World

It may be a cover, but man was it one heck of a tribute to the original!

The Man Who Sold the World


4. Lake of Fire

If you didn’t croak along to this one, you weren’t really a Cobain fan. Please note, the key word here is croak.

Lake of Fire


5. Come As You Are

A known enemy.

Come As You Are


6. Where Did You Sleep Last Night

Because we couldn’t figure out which song to leave out of the list.

Where Did You Sleep Last Night


Have a great week!