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5 Great Romance Authors of our Generation

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

“Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.” Though an anonymous quote, the words couldn’t be truer and more applicable to real life. Books have always been the gateway to new worlds, and romance novels, as a genre, can transport you to a world where you can rest easy that everything will turn out right with the world. They introduce you to women you admire, and men you connect with, and often have a knack for tapping into human emotions in a way that you connect, no matter what background you come from.

So, to acknowledge the wonder and magic that romance novels bring to our lives, here’s a list of 5 authors from our generation, who are at the top of their game.


1. Nora Roberts

The queen of the best-seller list, Nora Roberts can easily be called the romance writer for this generation. With over 200 books to her credit, she is amazing at churning out masterpiece after masterpiece, with well-rounded characters, classic romance, and an ability to make you read well into the night. She also writes a separate thriller-romance series under the pseudonym J.D.Robb, who is just as popular and successful.

Image source - Goodreads

Image source – Goodreads


2. Debbie Macomber

Debbie clearly belongs on this list, with over 200 million copies of her books sold worldwide. With beautiful words, scenic descriptions you can almost visualize, and lovers so clearly meant to be together, you get frustrated with them for not seeing it as clearly as you, she lures you in and keeps you hooked right to the last page.

Image source - Simon & Schuster

Image source – Simon & Schuster


3. Nicholas Sparks

The odd man out, clearly, being one of the few men to be able to breakthrough in a genre considered by many to be a woman’s forte, Nicholas certainly has a special ‘Spark’ in his work. His books are so popular that many have gone on to be become successful feature length films, including The Last Song, Safe Haven, A Walk to Remember, and the most memorable of them all, The Notebook.

Image source - Google

Image source – Google


4. Jayne Ann Krentz

Another author who has written many best-selling books not only in her own name, but also in her pseudonym Amanda Quick. Another weird quirk of hers? She has a host of other pseudonyms under which many novels and series have been written, including Amanda Glass, Jayne Castle, Jayne Taylor, as well as Stephanie James. We’re exhausted just reading the names.

Image source - Twitter

Image source – Twitter


5. Sarah MacLean

We’re happy to include her name primarily because she has achieved so much at such a young age. One of the youngest authors to reach such accolades, and having won numerous awards, especially in the romance genre, Sarah is one to look out for.

Image source - Goodreads

Image source – Goodreads


Though it’s obvious that we can’t possibly cover each and every romance author out there, these are five great options to get you started. And if you want to add some of your favorites, send us a mail and we’ll make a second list. You can also suggest different genres that you’d like us to write about too. Till next time, cheerio!

Awe-inspiring Sculptures from around the World

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Sculptures are intriguing creations because they give us a glimpse into the mind of the sculptor. These tangible works of art embody unique perceptions and challenge us to look at the world differently. A single creation offers us so much to explore; firstly its boundary-pushing symbolism and then, its technical and visual brilliance, which stands as testimony to the artist’s skill. Every sculpture is unique in its message and this is why, it becomes almost impossible to select a “best” creation. However, there are some sculptures that move you more than the rest and for you, these become personal favourites. Here is our list of favourite sculptures from around the world.

The Force of Nature – Lorenzo Quinn

Lorenzo Quinn overturns the image of Mother Nature as the protective life-giver by imagining her as a tempestuous woman hurling the planet and all its contents around in circles. He does this to remind us of the brute force of nature and what the human race stands to encounter if it fails to protect and preserve her. The destruction caused by hurricanes in Thailand, Southern U.S. and other places in the world inspired him to visualize this unsettling masterpiece.

this is colossal

The Veiled Christ – Giuseppe Sanmartino

This is, perhaps, one of the finest sculptures in the world. The limp figure of a lifeless Christ lies on a futon. The two cushions meant to support his head fail to prevent it from drooping to the side. At the feet of the bed lie the instruments responsible for his suffering and death. The most striking aspect of this sculpture, however, is the flimsy veil draped over the body. So realistic is this veil that one feels like it will leave its resting place if greeted by a gust of wind. The perfectly-detailed creases and folds lend a fluid quality to the veil and its silken translucence can be gauged from the anatomical details it reveals. It take a very inspired hand to create so life-like a sculpture, especially from a single block of marble!




Image courtesy: Museosansevero

Vicissitude – Jason DeCaires Taylor

This is a very interesting sculpture because, to begin with, it is located underwater. The creation presents a circle of cement-made children, linked to each other by clasped hands. The artist, himself a lover of the ocean and all that lives in it, strives to underline the relationship that exists between man and the environment. Just like his statutes that, over time, effect the underwater ecosystem by aiding the proliferation of coral reefs and marine life, similarly, man, through his growth and advancement impacts society in a transformative way. Also, just as the ocean erodes, corrodes and transforms the statutes over time, an individual is similarly moulded, and transformed by society. Thus, Jason uses his sculpture to comment on growth, chance and transformation, three important factors that effect and impact a person’s life.


Shoes on the Danube – Gyula Pauer & Can Togay

This incredibly moving memorial is located on the eastern bank of the river Danube. The artwork serves as a reminder of a shameful time in history, when anti-Semitic atrocities were perpetrated on countless civilians. During World War II, the Army Cross militia had shot and killed several Jewish civilians at this very spot. Victims were asked to stand on the bank facing the river. They were then instructed to take off their shoes. A firing squad opened fire from behind so that bodies tumbled into the Danube and got swept away in its current. The 60 bronze shoes designed by the artists are of different sizes and styles and speak of the heartless nature of the killings, where no one was spared, not even little children.



Image courtesy: Panorimo

People of the River – Chong Fah Cheong

Located on the historical Cavenagh Bridge, Singapore, the sculpture pays tribute to the early residents of the city, who shared a close relationship with the river. They depended on the river for water, for their livelihoods and even simple things, like a refreshing dip on a hot day. Children would often dive into the river and enjoy a cool swim. The artist freezes this moment in time so that we can all appreciate the simplicity and carefreeness of a lost time.



Image courtesy: Swifty

So, which sculptures rank high on your list of favourites?

To Switch or not to Switch, ‘Tis the Question!

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Not all of us know what we want to do after we leave college. Most of us tend to avoid this conversation, and the persons famous for starting it, like the plague. But, that isn’t because we’re not serious enough or we don’t care about the future. We all want to make something of our lives, but unfortunately, when you’re confined within the secure walls of a college classroom, you seldom find out much about the real world and this interferes with your making an informed choice about the career you wish to pursue. It is only after you actually work for a couple of years in the desired job role that you become aware of the trials in the field. Sometimes, we come out on top and realize that our job choice was not bad after all. But, there is also the possibility that we realize our choice wasn’t perfect and we find ourselves stuck in a job that doesn’t match our ambition or personality. What does one do then? Should you stay put despite being unhappy or should you consider making a career switch? Many of us are reluctant to do the latter because, we think it’s too late to explore a whole new career path. We worry about having to start from scratch and our pace of progress in the new job role. We worry about what people will say and how we will make up for lost time. But, the fact is that none of this is going to create any real problems. The only thing that is stopping us from taking the leap is our own fear.

There have been those, however, who’ve dared to do the seemingly impossible. Their bravery has been well rewarded and today, they’ve reached dizzying heights is their new careers. Here are the names of some important personalities who, at being confronted with this decision, decided to go down the less familiar path. Here is where it took them.

Allen Ginsberg

Revered as on one the most important writers of the Beat Generation, Allen Ginsberg’s contribution to the literary cannon has been vital. Through poems like ‘Howl’ and ‘Kaddish,’ he spoke up against societal biases that were strangling the freedom of the individual and also gave us more rhythmic poetry to explore. However, before he became a literary great, Ginsberg spent his time working odd jobs. He has worked as a dishwasher, spot welder, night porter and cargo ship worker.



Image courtesy: Quotesgram

Art Garfunkel

You’re probably not familiar with his first name because we’re so used to hearing ‘Simon’ in place of it. Art Garfunkel from the Simon & Garfunkel duo, has a Master’s degree in mathematics. After the duo split, he went on to teach mathematics at a school in Connecticut!

music bazaar



Sting, lead singer and bassist of the once popular band ‘The Police,’ was not always a musician. Before he won hearts with songs like ‘Desert Rose’ and ‘All for Love’ he spent his time teaching children English and soccer at a primary school in Cramlington.



Gene Simmons

Bassist and co-lead singer of the rock band ‘The Kiss,’ Simmons is known for his outrageous stage antics as well as for his creepily huge ‘Lizard Tongue.’ However, before he took to spitting fire and puking fake blood on stage, he worked as a 6th grade teacher in a school in Spanish Harlem. He also worked as an assistant to the editor of Vogue and Glamour, two top notch magazines in the fashion industry!



Walt Disney

Walt Disney is one of the most revered creators in the animation world, but before he went around constructing his mammoth empire, he actually worked as an editor with a newspaper. He was fired from his job because he “lacked imagination and lacked good ideas.”



Image courtesy: dailymail

Well, who knows what’s waiting for us on the road yet unexplored, right?