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Words to Welcome the Rains With

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

The rains have made the way into the city, bringing a fresh and lovely break from the constant heat of summer. And if you’re one to take delight in each drop, if you breathe in the cool, fresh air and feel nothing but calm, then this might just be your favorite time of the year.

As the city streets cool down in the downpour, you might be snuggling in at home with a hot cup of chai after a long day’s work, and feel all poetic, but find yourself without the words to describe what you’re feeling.

Well, worry not! We’ve got you covered! Bringing to you a list of words to help you perfectly describe all those lovely feelings that rain just brings about. (Sincere apologies to those who don’t enjoy the rains. Maybe these words will inspire you to change your minds?)


  1. Ombrophilia – (n.) Love for rain, Origin: Greek, from ombr meaning rain, and phil meaning love, ia meaning state or condition

    Image source - Patch.com

    Image source – Patch.com

  2. Petrichor – (n.) A love for the scent of rain in nature
  3. Pluviophile – (n.) A lover of rain, someone who finds joy on rainy days

    Image source - The Register

    Image source – The Register

  4. Ceraunophile – (n.) A person who loves lightning and thunder

    Image source - YouTube

    Image source – YouTube

  5. Hoppipolla – (phrase, Icelandic) Jumping into puddles

    Image source - My screaming diary

    Image source – My screaming diary

  6. Sirimiri – (n., Spanish) A light rain, a fine drizzle
  7. Brontide – (n.) The low rumble of distant thunder
  8. Cloudburst – (n.) A sudden and extremely heavy rainfall

    Image source - Britannica.com

    Image source – Britannica.com

  9. Chrysalism – (n.) The amniotic tranquillity of being indoors during a thunderstorm

    Image source - Benoni City Times

    Image source – Benoni City Times


Now you’ve got the perfect set of words to bring in the new season. Happy puddle jumping!