Top QTube Café Events Next Week

March 1st, 2018

Has March turned out to be too mundane a month? Here are some fun events you can attend at QTube Café to spice up your week!


Learn how to crack interviews and get your dream job! Attend this workshop to get tips on how to crack group discussions, personal interviews and write the perfect resume.

Date: 5th March

Time: 3 – 9pm

Entry: Rs. 200

Unboxing the Box Workshop

To solve a creative problem, you need a creative solution. Learn to come up with out of the box solutions and answers with this workshop!

Date: 10th March

Time: 2 – 8 pm

Workshops by Behiver

Behiver is conducting two fun events next weekend: A travel story event, where participants will be invited to share interesting travel accounts and pick up tips on how to write captivating travel stories, and, a photography workshop, where participants will learn how to take a perfect click.

Travel story event

Date: 10th March

Time: 9 am – 1 pm

Entry: Rs. 500

Photography workshop

Date: 11th March (9 am – 1 pm / 1 – 5 pm / 5 – 9 pm)

Entry: Rs. 500

Have a good week!


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