Top Videos from our Archives!

We know how stressful the week can be, but we also know how soothing good music can be! To make your Saturday enjoyable, we pick up some good videos from our archives and share them with you here so that you don’t have to take the trouble of finding our videos on YouTube. So, rest back, put your headphones on and get ready to let some melodious music wash over you!

A cappella at its Best!

Our Western musicians performed this melodious piece at out event – Misal Pav. Watch this video to see how iconic tracks like ‘Ain’t no sunshine,’ MJ’s ‘Bad’ and ‘Stayin Alive sound when performed in a cappella form.


Ever Heard of a Drum Circle?

This video not only shows you what a drum circle is but also lets you listen to a fabulous arrangement of beats played by a range of percussion instruments. Get ready for the drum roll now!


Spreading Art & Love!

If you didn’t know already, NSPA conducts Art Literacy workshops for underprivileged children. In these sessions, our artists teach these children about basic music rhythms, musical instruments and vocal techniques. Watch our artists conduct one such workshop for the children in Dharavi.


Marathi Rock Fusion, ever heard of this Genre? 

If you haven’t, here’s a video that gives you a glimpse of it. Watch our artists perform Bhimsen Joshi’s ‘Majhe Maaher Pandhari,’ but with a rock twist!