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Awards, Performances and More

Hello folks!

We're back with a bang, and this week too, our newsletter is full of fresh updates to get you acquainted with all that's happening in the art world. First things first, Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his Oscar! Yay! Also, Chris Rock delivered one of the most memorable opening monologues in Oscar history. If you haven't watched it, we urge you to do so immediately! Another wonderful Academy Award performance to check out is Lady Gaga's 'Til It happens to You' from the documentary 'Hunting Ground,' which is about campus rape. It is a very moving performance, so stick with it till the end.

Watch the video here: Lady Gaga Oscar 2016 performance

The NSPA is also putting up pilot performances at two new venues (We'll reveal the names of these after we manage to bag them) so wish us luck, because we really are in need places to spread good music!

Here are another two videos from our Kala Ghoda performances. 


Uttarakhandi Folk - Kala Ghoda 2016

His voice evokes memories of the mountains and resonates faintly like a faraway echo. Hailing from the hills of Uttaranchal, Suresh Kala sings the tunes of his land to render soulful pahadi music. Watch him bring this music to Kala Ghoda!


Rajasthani Folk - Kala Ghoda 2016

Ravi Asopa serves up a piping hot offering of Rajasthani Folk music. Blessed with a rich, rustic voice, his performance transports you to this arid dessert region, where ghungat-clad women walk the streets and palaces are as ubiquitous as camels!


Well, that's all for this week folks! We'll be back next week with more news and videos.