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Express to Impress / Be Imprisoned?

Hello folks!

The last two weeks have been quite difficult for music lovers, for it brought the news of the demise of two phenomenal musicians, the first being David Bowie and the next, Glen Frey. If you’re wondering who Glen Frey is, he was the Founder and guitarist of the hit 70’s rock band ‘The Eagles’ (remember Hotel California) who also co-wrote many of the band’s hit songs like ‘Take it Easy,’ ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling,’ and ‘Tequila Sunrise.’ News of his death has come as a rude shock to fans around the world for generations have grown up listening to the wonderful melodies he created.

Another incident that created much hullabaloo is the arrest of comedian Kiku Sharda for mimicking Dera Chief Ram Rahim Singh. A rather worrisome example of intolerance, it makes one wonder whether artists in our country truly enjoy creative freedom. When one looks at the kind of freedom artists in other countries enjoy (aware of the rather shocking displays of Nude Performance Art that have been dominating the European art world of late?) one feels that artists in our country are severely restricted on various fronts, be it because of legislative guidelines, concerns regarding religious sentiments or a generally low tolerance threshold to out-of-the-box expression! What is your opinion on this issue? Do you think artists should be allowed to freely express all that they wish to or should there be a restriction on the extent they’re allowed to push limits?

While you mull over that question, here are a few videos to enjoy in the meantime. 


And it was all yellow!

Eric Morrissey, our American friend who happened to visit a few months back to talk to Indian students about college life in the U,S was kind enough to perform a few songs for us. Watch him perform one of our favourite songs – Yellow – at Marine Drive!


Marathi Melodies at the Museum!

S3 is a band of young, dynamic musicians who love putting up melodies, spirited performances. Watch them perform the Marathi classic ‘Man Shudh Tuze’ at Bhau Daji Lad Museum.


Well, that’s all for this week folks, we’ll be back next week with more news and views! Till then, have a great week, and yes, don’t forget to ‘Take it Easy!’