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Get ready to do the Chicken Dance

Hello folks!

We hope the last week has been kind to you. We’ve had a wonderful week especially because the long-awaited Coldplay video finally released. Have you seen it yet? If you haven’t, well you must! There’s been so much talk about the portrayal of India in the video. While some aren’t too happy with the portrayal of Godmen and Beyoncé’s Goddess avatar, most are delighted that Coldplay chose to depict India in their video. What are your views on this video? Take a look at it before you form your opinion though.

Another piece of news that absolutely made our day was the announcement of Priyanka Chopra being a presenter at the 2016 Academy Awards! This girl is making India really proud. Another reason for us to watch the Oscars, right?

Now, for some NSPA videos. 


Learn about the Kazoo & watch the Chicken Dance!

NSPA artist Gladson Peter talks about the Kazoo, which is a musical instrument, and performs the ‘Birdie song’ for, well, pure entertainment. So, enjoy!


Master Saleem Melodies at the Mumbai Metro

Our in-house band, TeeHigh, perform one of Master Saleem’s peppy numbers ‘Yaara Dildaara’ at the Metro. We must make special mention of the vocalist, who hits the highest notes quite perfectly!


Well, that’s all for this week fellas! We’ll be back next week with more news and videos. Till then, don’t forget to like our videos if you do enjoy them, and yes, subscribe to our channel!