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Mythology & Music – Happy Dussehra!

Hey folks!

Today is a day of much significance for us, for we celebrate – ‘Vijayadashami’ or the festival of Dussehra. As we busy ourselves in revelry, let’s also set some time aside to consciously ponder over the significance of this festival. The ancient religious texts narrate two important stories, one of the victory of Lord Rama over the ten-headed demon Ravan; the other of the victory of Durga Mata over Mahishasura. In today’s world, where there is a dearth of such multi-headed, horrific demons, does this festival still hold much meaning? 

Yes, because of what it teaches us. This conquering of demons in both stories can be looked at as an analogy for the triumphing of good over evil. The legends seem to be giving us a crash course in behavior and priorities – “be brave and unafraid to stand up for what is good and right,” it seems to tell us. Also, it is reassuring in its narrative – “that good will emerge victorious and the doer of good will be rewarded.” Let’s meditate on this message and strive to make it a part of our lives so that we too may fearlessly and tirelessly strive to safeguard all that is good and right in the world.

Now, let’s make this festival even more enjoyable with some fine music! Well, music videos actually. Here are some videos we shot while our artists were busy performing at various places in the city.  


Teri Deewani - 3Shool Band

As the sun sets, this gorgeous promenade comes alive with soulful tunes that sing of undying love. Watch 3Shool, a new addition to the NSPA family, serenade onlookers at Carter Road, Bandra with their melodious version of Kailash Kher's 'Teri Deewani.'


Experimental Folk at the Mumbai Metro

Our resident band S3 perform a powerful rendition of the song ‘Rabba Yaar Mila De’ at the Mumbai Metro


Eric Morrissey – O Sanam

Eric Morrissey, a Fairfield University Grad and true-blue American, was recently in the city to talk about college life in America with Indian students. He worked with the NSPA for a bit and so we got him to do a cool music video with us.