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NSPA Celebrates Women’s Day in a Grand Way

Hello folks!

Another week has gone by and it was such a wonderful one! Wonderful because, firstly, we released a new podcast this Women’s Day. It’s an original song, written and composed by NSPA artist Suresh Kala. The video was well received and we received many pats on our back for the video. Secondly, because Women’s Day was celebrated this week and everyone went out of their way to make the day special for women. There were so many wonderful videos doing the rounds on Facebook, this one particular ad caught our attention. Titled ‘Break the Bias,’ it touches upon a stereotype commonly held in offices. We encourage you to  watch this ad too.

There was another thing that put a big smile on our face. To celebrate Women’s Day, CST station was lit up entirely with pink lights. It was a really sweet move on the part of the authorities. Many commuters stopped to click pictures of the beautiful structure.

Now, for some videos. 


NSPA’s Women’s Day Podcast

For our women's day podcast, we asked our lady friends, their mom's and sister's and their friends to shoot a short video, something that captured a moment in their day, or something they enjoyed doing, and share it with us. We put all these clips together to come up with a music video that gives you a peek into their lives and the shared experience of being woman. Cheers to all you wonderful women, and here's to celebrating womanhood!


Marathi Folk at Kala Ghoda 2016!

Sarang Gosavi performs the very powerful "Ude Ge Aambe Ude' at Kala Ghoda Arts Fest 2016.


Do the Balle Balle!

Shyamal Vyas performs two hit Punjabi pop songs - 'Yaari Chandigarh Waliye' and 'Nit Khair Manga Soniye' at Kala Ghoda Arts Fest 2016.


Well, that’s all for this week folks! We’ll be back next week with more news and videos. Till then, keep smiling and don’t forget to set some time aside every day to do something you like.