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The Art of Listening!

Hey folks!

“The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions that have been hidden by the answers.” - James Baldwin

Art is always believed to have a higher, nobler purpose and artists are respected because it is through their work that this purpose is conveyed. Powerful songs have stopped wars, a risque fashion has opened mindsets, evocative photographs have exposed the depravity of the human spirit while others have helped inspire a revolution. Behind these tranformative works, however, there has always been a human hand, a curious mind, a brave heart; An individual unafraid to speak his mind.

If we can gain so much from art, shouldn't we allow an artist the freedom to voice his thoughts through his work? Or should we stifle his voice if what he has to say makes us uncomfortable? Should his work and intentions be judged through the petty lenses of politics, convention and religion? Well, that's something we should ask ourselves.

Now, for some updates from the NSPA. So, we did tell y'all about our plans for DaanUtsav, right? Well, it makes us happy to inform y'all today that we diligently and faithfully carried out each of these plans. We successfully managed to collect all the donations we needed and distribute them among municipal schools, aanganwadis and children's shelter homes. We have Quantum Mutual Fund, Equitymaster, PersonalFN and Help Your NGO to thank for their generosity. Here's a post that captures all that went on during the DaanUtsav week. Give it a read to find out what we were up to: NSPA's 'Gift A Smile' Initiative for DaanUtsav 2015

Also, in our previous newsletter, we told you about Eric, a Fairfield grad, who's in the city to work on a fun and fruitful 'Ask Eric' campaign, right? This is a campaign by 'Honest Buck' and organization working towards encouraging youngsters to make smart investments. Here's what they have to say about the campaign:

'All of us have dreams we wish to follow some day, for most of us that is the opportunity to study abroad. We get our knowledge about American colleges from books movies and the internet, but how much of it is actually accurate? Eric is here to answer your questions, and break down the expectations V/S reality of college and living alone. Follow The Honest Buck on twitter and facebook and register for our lucky draw to stand a chance to win a trip to New York to see your dream college!' To register, click here: #AskEric and win a trip to New York

Now, for some videos!  


Music at the Museum!

Cyil and Andrin perform Pearl Jam's 'Last Kiss' at Bhau Daji Lad Museum.


Tauba Tauba

RAM Trio, our most-loved Sufi rock band, performs a cover version of Kailash Kher's song – 'Tauba Tauba.'