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Welcome to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party! - NSPA Jukebox
Dear fellow revelers,

Poet Derek Walcott's words - from the last lines of Love After Love - ask readers to sit back and "feast on their lives". There really is so much to feast on, isn't there?! We at the National Streets for Performing Arts (NSPA) are preparing many feasts for you across the city (all free and open to all!), take a look -

Friday the 21st: Songstress/guitarist Christabel Menezes rediscovers jazz, blues and rock songs in an unconventional manner, at the Somaiya Centre - Read More... Don't normally go for performances by artists you don't know? Let's put you at ease - watch her performing at the Carter Road amphitheatre for a devoted audience made up of passersby!

Saturday the 22nd - Sunday the 23rd: Winter bazaars are our favourite kind of markets, especially at this Chuim Village space we love called The Hive. The NSPA performs in the evenings of the Hive Community Market.

Saturday the 22nd - Sunday the 30th: Come Celebrate Bandra with our musicians, who will be taking workshops for children at MCubed Library (Bandra), ending with a mini concert in the park! Look at the schedule, and don't forget to register your kids - Read More..

Sunday the 23rd: NSPA's performers love taking to the streets - going back to the core idea of the organisation - with the Equal Streets Citizen's Initiative. If you missed last Sunday, here's how Linking Road looks when populated with street performers. Come looking for the yellow t-shirt wearing buskers this Sunday from 8 - 10 pm!


Have you ever heard a Carnatic lullaby? Here's a preview! It shows a music guru of 15 years fondly talking about teaching and feeding her beloved student!

Have you ever associated the Cricket Club of India with a flamenco guitar - Hindustani classical tabla fusion musical performance? Us neither! Atleast, not until our newly recruited band Kaun?Fusion performed there last Sunday!

Have you ever gone to a mall and forgotten to shop because you were too enthralled listening to live music? What an absolutely crazy time we had at the Oberoi Mall last weekend - and this is why.

Have you ever witnessed an intimate Marathi folk music performance at Flora Fountain? You should've been at the Somaiya Centre last Friday!


Have you ever participated in a jam with musicians who were strangers to you? The NSPA is organising a jam session open for all artists from all walks of life - amateurs and professionals - at the Somaiya Centre for Lifelong Learning (2nd floor, Somaiya Bhavan, above Kitab Khana, Flora Fountain) on 29th November, 11 am - 1 pm. You don't have to be an NSPA artist to come to the session! And please invite your friends too, to come watch and participate!

Till then, check out this poster about our Friday showcases at the Centre for the month of November!

That's all for now, folks! Keep making merry, keep making music.

The NSPA Team
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